80-20 by Cy international explained in detail

80-20 explained to the commonest Person

80-20 By Cy international

Is this thing hard for you to understand?

80 20 of no nor.
Cy no hate no Naija Man, Yi want make Naija love we dey way we love them and make we love wa own the way we love their own.
If wuna like wuna Generate any other thing addam on top. Na wuna problem.

Those of you saying he’s generating hate are hypocrites. When he started this campaign, he didn’t insults anyone, you people started insulting him and he got bitter and start given you back to back insults you now say it’s hate. Take your time and check Comments from Naija on Cameroon blogs, they are the one always trolling
Cameroonians with demoralizing words, Depression words etc.

Anyone also saying he is doing it the wrong way without bringing his or her on good way and start doing it is not serious bc u can’t criticise something if you don’t have a better option.

Instead of Critizing, bring up your own strategy that you think will boost the industry.

Old Pancho Cy international has never Campaign that Cameroonians should not Collabo With Other Countries.

If you really know better ways to go about it, Inbox him or start doing it. Let’s stop all the insults up and down

What’s your view about 80 -20