85 years old Woman in love with 25 years old boy( true or fake love?)

25 years old man marries to 85 year old Woman ( read full story)

Story of  25 years old man who marries to 85 year old Woman
25 years old man marries to 85 year old Woman

A story of a 25 years old boy who is said to have madly falling in love with a woman of 85 sets internet on fire. The boy whose name was gotten as Muyiwa  thinks Theriza the nearly 85 woman with 8 children and 20 grandchildren is the right oen for him. The woman’s children are in complete disapproval of such act, but the two lovers are ready to go extra miles in order to take their love to another level. According to Muyiwa, the woman has given him the best treatment he ever received from a woman.

In an interview, he told Afrimax how he fell for her “I remember one Friday when my colleague was not around, I was hungry and had no food, I was very weak and of nowhere, the old woman brought me some food. She came and served me with too much care… The way she behaved and treated me pushed me to love her”.

He added ” Though she is an old woman and in reality could be my grandmother but so what! I love her… I pray she doesn’t die before me. I can automatically commit suicide.

According to the woman, the love between them is mutual.

She said “I am 85, I have 8 children. Looking at my boyfriend’s age, he could be my 5th grandchild. He loves me and I also love him. I am now ready to put on the wedding dress and ring”.

 From people’s perspective, the boy is simply a gold digger. This woman is his landlady and he just wants to amass some wealth for himself. Though love is blind, the age gap between them should be an eye opener. To people, this act is not normal. Is love really blind?