Best YouTube alternatives to make money online as a musician in Cameroon

It is rather unfortunate that many of our Cameroon artists still think YouTube is the most lucrative way they can make money from their music arts.

YouTube alternatives to make money as an artist in Cameroon

YouTube videos monetization might be the best way to earn passive income from your music or talent but at times this need seriousness, consistency, focus  and also producing monitizable content. The advantages of YouTube channel are uncountable but this is not the focus of this article.

In this article I will share with you some short term means to earn money quick from your art work in Cameroon.

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Before I talk on some temporary  YouTube alternatives to make money from your arts, let’s look at what it takes to get YouTube channel monetize.

Produce  monitizable content.

  Have at least 1,000 subscribers.

Reach 4,000 valid public watch hours in the past 12 months.

Sign and agree to the terms and conditions.

 Have an AdSense account.

 Get reviewed and approved .

This is a little bit more tuff and less lucrative for you as an artist. To be able to fulfill such requirements will take you time but like I said above, if you are focus and consistent then this will not be an issue .  While focusing on YouTube as long term source of income,  check the alternative short term ways to make money with your art.

Best YouTube alternatives to make money from your music in Cameroon.

If you produce good music and have strong fan based, the ways below can be used to generate some income for you.

  • Creating your own website.
  • Distribute your own music to other   platforms.
  • Organising shows.
  • Traditional CDs sales.
  • Asking Direct support from fans.

1. Creating your own website. Many Cameroonian Artists still don’t have their own website to sell their arts directly to fans. The advantages of having a website as an artist in the 21 Century are many ranging from selling your products and services directly to fans, providing information about you etc. 

Getting a website for your portfolio is cheap now in Cameron as you can get one from us ranging from 10,000 FCFA.

2. Distribute to other platforms.

when you have a new project while not put it out to platforms like auxplay boomplay , Spotify, Muzicdigital , eNowdigital ,muzikol  and many others in a convincing  amount that everyone can be able to buy and those who can’t they can be able to stream for free and you will be paid while waiting for long term income from YouTube.

3. Organising shows:

 Shows have also been identify as one of the short term ways Artists can earn passive income.

4. CDS.

 Though many have argued that CDS are fast  disappearing, CDS are going no where anytime soon as many people still  prefer it. To cut it short, always put out your art work in many form so as to meet the need of  everyone.

5. Direct support. 

 When you produce good art, you can always ask for support from Friends, family and fans. In fact some will even do it without you asking, remember that supports is not only financially. Just a share from one big name can be a game changer.


Its true that many people make music for fun, some to make money etc but if you put money first, then you might not have it at the end like the saying goes, Fans is King. When you have strong fan based, you can then start applying some of the above methods above.

Creating your website should be first on your list as an artist because this exposed you to the wider world and many more advantages. 

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