Biography Blaise B

Biography BLAISE B: real names, age birthday and place

Biography BLAISE B: real names, age birthday and place

Biography BLAISE B: real names, age birthday and place

After his trending song Allo, many fans have been sending us texts asking who Blaise B is, what his real name is, where he is from. If you are one of them then this article is for you.

Today, camaboom brings you the profile of Blaise B in detail.

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Blaise B real names, age birthday and place

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Blaise B real names, age birthday and place

Blaise B with real name Akwandou Blaise Atarrimah was born in the town of Limbe Cameroon, Blaise B originates from the North West region Batibo. He is the third child out of six siblings. He attained his primary and secondary school in Limbe and later moved to Buea where he attained high school and obtained his advanced level certificate. 

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Music Career

Akwandou Blaise Atarrimah is Cameroonian Artist/Producer/Singer/SongWriter often referred to as  ”HIS VOCAL HIGHNESS’

His love for music made him join the school choir called the BREAK THROUGH VOICE and was made the lead singer.

It was in the school choir that he met Salatiel who was the choir director. In 2008, the choir recorded a gospel album at @M1recording studio called ‘LORD AM SORRY’. Feedback from the album gave him more confidence in himself and he decided to choose music as his career.

He drew inspiration from a few idols like Michael Jackson, @Beyoncé , Lucky Dube, PETIT PAYS etc. Out of his father’s wish of becoming a medical doctor, Blaise B chose to follow the path of music. He took an online course in audio engineering and since then he has worked with over 200 artists and produced more than 500 songs.

In 2010 Blaise B was part of the group “Da thrill”. They took part in the Nescafé African Revelations competition and won first place in Cameroon and second at the pan African finals in Senegal. He composed and co-produced some of the songs of the album “New Dawn” which they released in 20012. “Da thrill” took him on a tour in and out of Cameroon and he has performed on many platforms alongside artists like Flavor, Zaho, @Kerry James , Hiro, @Soumbill, etc.

February 2014, Blaise B created his own record label “Akwandor Empire MUSIC” based in Limbe. He went solo and produced the song “Eposi” that took his solo career to lamplight. His first solo performance was on the stage of the limbe festival of arts and culture (FESTAC).

Since then he has produced songs for many artists

 including ‘Jamais-Jamais’ by Mr. Leo – ArtistMr. Leo – Artist Leo – Artist, ‘Murder’ by GASHA , ‘MOLO’ by Hiro, ‘Rese’ by @Dynasty le Tigre , Ambe – Vitesse , Blanche Bailly – Dinguo

In 2021 Blaise B dropped one of the most trending love songs in Cameroon entitled ALLO, the song was welcome by Music lovers home and abroad, he equally launched allo challenge which made the song spread like wildfire.

We look forward to hearing more from him