Biography: Delly Singah ( Age real names, birthday)

Biography: Delly Singah ( Age real names, birthday)

As Delly Singah became more pupolar in social media due to her many influencing works in Culture, Many people are asking who she is. Today I bring you everything you need to know about her

Who is Delly Singah?

Biography: Delly Singah ( Age real names, birthday)

Biography of Delly Singah
Delly Singah

Delly, is a Cameroonian born UK based matchmaker, a native of Ngie, in Momo (department) Northwest Region, Bamenda Cameroon.

She was born in 2 December 1985
Bamenda, Cameroon.

She is media personality, matchmaker and a Philanthropist. Cultural Abassador. She is renowned for Delly’s Matchups,a dating web Application and Delly TV, broadcasting original content representing the African

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Delly Singah’s Career

Voted amongst the top 50 most influential Cameroonain youths in 2018, Delly Singah is an epitome of Pan African Ideals, exemplified in her fight for political empowerment, Growth in Entertainment department, economic inclusion, and access to education and health.

She has won numerous prestigious awards, notable of which are;

  • Best Charity Organization Sodomwreg awards 2015.
  • Oscars UK awards – Best Charity 2016.
  • CCWA awards- best media Personality 2018
  • Top 50 most influential Cameroonain 2018
  • WCI awards- community champion of the year 2020.
  • AB Afrikpreneur Awards- Best digital Media (Delly’s matchups) and Best social media campaign BDMA2020 (#ReceiveSense2020).

Her fight for our culture and growth for our entertainment should be appreciated and deserves a round of applause.