Biography Jato sonita

Biography: JATO Sonita ( age, music Career, latest songs)

Biography: JATO Sonita ( age, music Career, latest songs)

Biography JATO Sonita
JATO Sonita

Welcome to camaboom, your leading Entertainment site in Cameroon. After Jato sonita won 2 million FCFA  in the Nora Brown Music  Challenge, her unique cultural ways and her magical voice, Many people have been asking us about her profile

If you are one of them, this article is for you. Today I will bring you anything you need to know about Jato sonita.

JATO Sonita biography ( age, music Career, latest songs)

In this biography, you will get:

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  •  age

  • education

  •  music Career

  • latest songs 

  • booking details

Let’s get started

Who is Jato Sonita?

Jato Sonita AKA ‘The Forest Girls’ is a super talented fast rising young kid singer and definitely one of the biggest discoveries in the Cameroonian music scene in 2021. 

Her real names

 Her real name is Jato Sonita Kfukfu and she hails from the North West region of Cameroon.

Jato sonita age

Jato sonita is 12 years old and she was born on January 2008 in Bamenda Cameroon


 She is currently a student of CCAST Bambili, North West region.

Music Career

Jato Sonita and Group of kids
Jato Sonita and Group

At only 12, Jato Sonita leads a group of teenage singers called Forest Children. One thing that is very striking about her and her co forest singers is their sense of ness – their deep love for nature, African culture and cultural values which clearly resonate in their costumes and style. 

Sonita and the forest kids use plantain leaves to produce their costumes and you will always find some of them hitting drums made from local instruments while another grinds pepper on a local grinding stone as they go on with their music – a typical African style.

According to Jato, she dresses in leaves and sings songs in the forest because it connects her to nature, culture and inspires her. Her dream is to use her voice to sell out her culture and send out messages that will transform the world.

Jato Sonita is currently being trained and mentored by “Kids Hall of Talents Foundation” ( A Bamenda based association that identifies, trains ,nurtures, develops and promotes talents in children).

She came to the limelight when she did the cover of Witty Minstrel’s hit song “Be Proud.” That cover too was a hit and many couldn’t believe her exceptional vocal prowess.

She has done over 8 Music covers in the past 5 months though she just started releasing them.

Jato Sonita intends to do a few more covers and then release her official single once she thinks she has a sizable fan base and followers.

Jato Sonita looks up to artists like Richard Bona, Charlotte Dipanda, Karyce Fotso, Rinyu, Witty Minstrel, Vernyuy Tina and Belka Tobis.

Jato Sonita Latest songs/covers

Here are some covers Jato Sonita has done over the last few months.

  • Kirikou by Fhish to congratulate him after he won Biggy Studios Reality TV show

  • Fally Ipupa and Adolphe Muteba’s Aflye

  • Mon Cousin Militaire by Donny Elwood

  • A Tribute to Kimora killed in Buea

  • Be Proud by Witty Minstrel

  • Bottle dance version of “Lion Sleep Tonight”

  • Motabenama Cover

Booking and social media handles

Jato Sonita and team of kids
Jato Sonita and team

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Jato Sonita AKA the Forest girl has been rising in the Cameroon Cultural music sphere at the speed of light. 

Her unique way of singing with her natural magical voice is a national and international treasure. 

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