Biography KO-C

Biography: KO-C ( real name,age, career , latest songs)

Biography: KO-C ( real name,age, career , latest songs)


After KO-C released one of his most trending songs entitled caleçon featuring Bitkusi single Coco Angenté, some of visitors are searching ‘who’s Ko-C, what’s his real name and birthday, and what’s his music career’. If you are one of them, then this article is for you.

What you will get in this Ko-C Biography includes:
KO-C’s age and birthday, His real name.
His music career.
Ko-C latest latest songs.

Ko-C age and birthday, His real

With stage name Ko-C, Njang Colins is a Cameroonian rapper and “afronjang” hit song maker  who was Born on November 18, 1992, in Kumba, south west region of Cameroon.

Music Career.

Collins Njang started his music career by writing songs and sending to friends through text messages which from their feedbacks, Collins got  inspired and started singing.

At the age of 20, he recorded his first song “Town player” with friends. After taking some steps forward, he met Dready Ko-C& Tee (Tread Stone) who then encouraged his music career. Later, they both teamed up with other friends to form the most inspired and young talented group “Preach It Movement” (P.I.M). In July of 2015 they became signed artists of BTS Empire, a U.S based Record label. 

Today Njang  goes by the name K.O-C who is believed by fans  to be Cameroonians fastest rapper. His first release was with the group P.I.M boys in a song titled Ici Au Kamer which gained much love from fans.

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In August 2016,  KO-C decided to make a solo career. He was signed under the label  RM Music, with which he  released the single “Balancé ” in 2016; This 1st version was not well known by the general public. He followed up with a succession of covers and freestyles which was greatly appreciated.

In January 2017,  KO-C  officially became an artist for the Big Dreams Entertainment label  . He released  Laisses moi passer , I Love You featuring Locko , Bollo and Caro . 

In 2018, he won the Urban Jamz Awards for Best New Artist and  participate in the campaign against violence against women and young girls alongside other influential artists of urban music. He has signed several major covers such as those of Mad Over You sounds by Runtown or If by Davido , freestyles ( appreciated produced by Ekie Bozeur ) and he notably be in the collaboration with DJ ZOUMANTO and MIMI  on the title Do Like I Do.

In May 2018,  KO-C  signed a management contract with the westsi2 corporation structure  . He also remixed his track Balancé with Tenor . It was one of the biggest hits of the year 2018. 

In November 2018, the title Sango was released, featuring Fanicko.

One year later, he suspended his management contract with WestSi2 Corporation and signed a new one with the TARGET COMMUNICATION & Event structure. He  also released “Ca a Cuit.” A vibrant track with a fiery rhythm which already delighted the public. He started on his first European tour this same year.

In 2020, Ko-C became the Frontline rapper of Power House Entertainment where he released  “Ghana Must Go”, “Caleçon” featuring female singer Coco Argenteé, ‘Mon Pala Pala’. He won 4 awards that same year ( best rapper, best song, best video and best Artist).

In 2021, Ko-C released his first track “Chill” produced by Chinjong Chinjong,mixed and mastered by Popular Beat maker Dj Kharl, a hit song off his music album entitled “Genesis”

KO-C’s latest songs

His Latest songs include:

Chill Produced by Chinjong Chinjong

Caleçon featuring Coco Argenteé

Mon Pala Pala

Ghana must Go.

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