Biography: Libianca ( age, Music Career, Latest Song)

The Biography of Libianca

As Libianca is Currently trending Worldwide due to her song entitled “People” many people are Asking ” Who’s Libianca? Where does She come from? Etc. Today I bring everything you need to know about her 

Who’s Libianca

Libianca is USA based Cameroon Singer and songwriter who was born  in St. Paul, Minnesota.

She grew up in Cameroon with her mother until the age of 13. Her song intro proudly has Cameroonian originality inscribed on it; “FROM BAMENDA”

She’s currently working as a mixing engineer, song writer and  creative director in  Minneapolis, Minnesota, United of America where she lives.  

Libianca’s Music Career

 Interviewed by Rap Clout, Libianca stated that she developed a penchant for singing inspiration from her first caregiver, who was a good singer. That was when she was about 6 or 7.  

She recalls that her caregiver would constantly sing Cameroonian gospel.

 “I admired her. I was like, ‘I want to sing too. I felt something every time she sang.”

Libianca started penning her own songs at age 10, joined the church choir and picked up the guitar around the same age. She attended boarding school in Cameroon, where she honed her talent. 

Back in the US at age 13, Libianca was already recording covers of popular songs. 

In 2019, she participated in NBC’s singing show the Voice Season 21. 

She released her debut single titled “Level” in 2019 and followed up with two more singles: “Revenge” and “My Place” in 2020.

In 2021, Libianca released two singles dubbed “Thank You” and “Special Lovin’.”

2022 has been her year of breakthrough. She released “People“, an eargasmic song currently grabbing the attention of music lovers across the globe. Her song has been endorsed by American superstar Chris Brown. 

“People” is fast becoming a chart-topper and enjoying massive airplay.

Latest song

Libianca’s Latest song include ” People”

Stream people now available on Camaboom