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Tilla Tafari biography
Tilla Tafari

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Who’s Tilla Tafari ( her real name)

Who's Tilla Tafari
Tilla Tafari

Bongkiya Venagesho Lantum Bertilla known by her stage name, Tilla Tafari aka Godmother Don Dada is a Cameroonian rap female Artist with passion in reggae music.

Tilla’s date of birth and place:

Tilla Tafari was Born on 26/01/1991 in Bamenda, Banso/Wimbum Tribes of the North West Region of Cameroon.

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Tafari’s Music Career till date:

Growing up in a home with a musical catalogue merged with Classical Music from her father, Hip hop and Ndombolo from her brother and other African rhythms like Makossa and reggae music from her mother and cousins, Tilla quickly developed a passion for music and always indulged herself in musical activities in and out of school. 

She started writing songs by the age of 10 in class 7 and was even the first female band captain for the  School’s Mbaya Traditional Dance Group. 

Her musical influences include; Bob Marley, Lauryn Hill, Missy Elliot, Beyonce, Asa, and Eve. 

It wasn’t until 2013 when Tilla started performing in street rap battles along the basketball court, as basketball was her childhood passion. She also featured in a couple of mixtapes like Abakwa Oyee headed by Afro pop artist Daddy Cool.

 In 2014, Tilla debuted her first official single titled, “Alhadji” under record label BBOY Records headed by Dancehall artist, Magasco which also featured in the Mboa Mixtape the next year.

Tilla later went on that year to put out her first EP of 5 tracks titled, “The Godmother” which also featured Magasco on track 2 titled, “My Kingdom”. She also featured on Magasco’s hit single “Kumba Market” and “No No”. 

The following year 2015, Tilla featured in Jovi’s “Et pui quoi” remix alongside Teddy Doherty, Inna Money, Zayox, Pascal, Mic Monsta and Dareal. She later joined New Bell Music headed by rapper Jovi where she first featured in the “Lord Have Mercy” compilation EP alongside Reniss, Shey, Pascal and Jovi. She then put out her second EP, “Kankwe Chap” which featured Jovi, Reniss, Shey and Kiloh. Tilla also featured in Shey’s “Tapsi” EP, Pascal’s “Work Dey” EP, Tata’s “Country Boy” Remix and Jovi’s “Mboko God” Album.

Again, in 2016 Tilla went ahead to create her own record label, “God Mother Sound” where she released a couple of singles like “Back to square one”, Girls U Nova Ndem” , “Dope” and “Understanding” ft Chuzih. That year she won the NBACA Award for Best female Artist. 

The following year 2017,  God Mother signed to The Dedes Records owned by Ndumbe Ignatius where she put out hit singles like Ola Olé, Ghana Must Go ft Groovie Selecta and Used To.

 Tafari featured in the “We Stand For Peace” Compilation Album by Ndabott Production and Kingston Records. Her stay at The Dedes Records wasn’t long term as she later stepped down the following year to focus on her label God Mother Sound.

In 2019 Don Dada made a collaboration with Rapper Venum Daspik titled, “Bad Boyz 2.0” which was then followed by her 14 track debut album titled, “Godmother Don Dada” and eventually the birth of their first son, Bitjoka Lantum Ulrich Zion. 

Last year, 2020, Tilla Tafari released a couple of singles like “Gang”, “Mamu”  “Unconditional Love” (which she dedicated to her son), and “Crisis”. 

Tilla began the year 2021 with a reggae version of her first hit, “Fire Burn Them”. 

Lastly, Tilla Tafari aka God Mother just released her latest single entitled  “Retrouvée”. It’s a hip hop song.

Retrouvée has been received with mixed feelings from fans and music lovers as the cover art is almost “nude” but there’s a bigger message behind the cover art which if you take a good listen, you will get it.

Cover art of Retrouvée by TillaTafari
Cover art of Retrouvée by TillaTafari

Watch it via this link

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Wrap up

Bongkiya Venagesho Lantum Bertilla is one of the most consistent Cameroonian Artist as she’s been very active through out her music Career till date. On that note she’s an artist many Cameroonian music lovers are looking up too.

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