Biography Vivid Vivid Smith

Biography: Vivid Smith ( age, real name latest music)

Biography: Vivid Smith ( age, real name latest music)

Biography: Vivid Smith ( age, real name latest music)
Vivid Smith

Vivid Smith has been rising in the Cameroon music industry like morning sun. If you want to know who Vivid Smith is and every detail about him, then this post is for you.

In this Vivid Smith profile, you will get his real name, music career, Educational background, latest songs and booking details. Let’s get started. Also read: Biography Vernyuy Tina

Biography: Vivid Smith ( age, real name latest music)

Who is Vivid Smith?

M. Ngede Smith known artistically as Vivid AKA lover boy is a Cameroonian fast rising talented singer, songwriter and performer who was born on June 10, 1994 

Music Career

Vivid started singing as a child in the YP church choir. 

In PHS Kumba, he performed several covers of other music stars. He equally performed at social nights and in his class.

In the university, he was a member of the University of Buea orchestra Band as a lead singer. 

He was also the Lead singer of the REALM SQUAD music group. He led the group to drop their 1st and 2nd official singles in 2015. 

Vivid got signed under Lolhi Pop Records, now known as Calabash Music and his first solo track was released in 2017 titled, ‘Bogolo’ 

Vivid has also written songs for Wax Dey and the Fluri Boyz music group.

In 2019, Vivid caught the attention of one of Cameroon’s finest artists, Tzy Panchak who featured  him and other fast rising singers in two separate hit songs “Na So” and “Tomorrow.”


Vivid did his secondary education at Progressive College, Mankon and PHS Kumba. It was at Progressive College that he got the name “Vivid” because his friends thought he was always being so precise with his views, lyrics and songs

Vivid Smith latest Songs/music

Vivid has released several songs and featured in a couple of others including:

Vivid – Un Jour/My Story (Directed By J Pats).

Vivid – Guchi – Jennifer reply Vivid – Yamo (Directed by V2M)

Vivid -C’est Pas Le Njangsang (Directed by Mr Tcheck)

Vivid – Jah Jah Feat. Mr. Leo

Kindeh Elan Feat Vivid – Watch Me (Directed by DopeShots

Vivid – Main Dans La Main (Produced By Akwandor)

Kindeh Elan Feat Vivid – Watch Me (Directed by DopeShots)

Vivid – Mi Casa Su Casa Freestyle/Mashup (Korede Bello, Grace Decca & Donny Elwood)

Tzy Panchak ft. Vernyuy Tina, Cleo Grae, Vivid – Who Be Actor

Vivid – My Love (Directed By Mr. Adrenaline)

Tzy Panchak – Tomorrow Feat. Vivid, Cleo Grae & Gasha (Directed by Chuzih)

Tzy Panchak – Na So Feat. Vernyuy Tina, Cleo Grae and Vivid

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