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Cameroonian artist Fhish beaten and thrown out of a snack bar (full story)

Cameroonian artist Fhish beaten and thrown out of a snack bar (full story)


Fhish is a hyper talented artist whose addiction to drugs is plummeting his promising music career. 

According to an audio revelation going viral from 237showbiz, Cameroonian artist Fhish was beaten and shoved out of a snack bar called La Cave, in Buea due to his excessive intake of drugs (Tramadol) which induced him to become a nuisance to other customers. 

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The manager recounted that Fhish bought a drink , Skoll for 1500 frs, walked from table to table insulting customers;

He even  brought in prostitutes to the snack bar and impudently ordered a customer to leave his table for his girls. He kept displaying unwarranted behavior.

When the manager tried to talk to him in order to make him reason, he transferred his aggression and rained insults on him. He started a wrangle with a customer which became unbearable. 

The manager then told his bouncer to forcefully thrust Fhish out of the snack bar. While the bouncer was dragging him out,  Fhish resistantly stuck his leg on the glass door, consequently damaging it. The manager had to alert the Gendarmerie; Fhish was nabbed and detained. The damage he caused at the snack bar is worth 205,000 frs.

The next day, at the brigade, he said he had just 50K to pay for the damages he caused. While at the Gendarmerie, Fhish continued to be unreasonable. He would rather sit on  the probing security officer’s table.

He received a sound slap for his insane behavior. He then burst to tears saying he never acted that way deliberately. “

Source: nexdimempire