Cameroonians congratulate Fuchor for Supporting Music Industry

Cameroon  Blogger Fuchor

So I saw people Congratulating Fucor for his grade work in the Cameroon  Entertainment industry. 

My problem is about  blogs which keep fanning hate and bringing negative vibes on their pages. They also congratulate him and say they wish only 3 of them were in this industry. Okay why don’t you be the number 2 and 3 after him. Why are you using your platform to tarnish people?

The unique thing about Fochur is that he has never posted any negative posts in order to gain engagements and followers.

He has never replied to anyone in the comment section with a negative Even if you force him.

He has been Supporting raising Artists without saying words that will discourage them.

The list of positive things is long.

Congratulations to you sir.

Blogger of the year in Africa.