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Download: NA YA BABY- Angel Mbome latest Cameroon Gospel

 Download: NA YA BABY- Angel Mbome  latest Cameroon Gospel

Cameroon GOSPEL song Angel Mbome drops a video of her latest GOSPEL song entitled “Na Ya Baby”.

Na ya Baby is a song she encourages us not to give up on what we do so quickly if times are tough.

“Sometimes when we go through the wilderness, we quickly desire for it to end. It is important to remember that sometimes “the wilderness does not end the possibility of fruitfulness but may just be the very place that prepares the ground for fruits that remain”.

James 1;2-6

2nd Corinthians 4;16-18

1st Peter 4;12-16

2nd Corinthians 1;5-7

Be encouraged, Keep walking through, don’t give up, and Fix your eyes on JESUS. He will never leave nor forsake you. He is with you through it all. He is with you always even till the end of time.”

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