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Girl delivers in church after she was being gang r*ped.

Girl delivers in church after she was being gang r#ped

Senior Apostle John Chi offers 100000FCFA plus one bag of rice to a 16 years old girl who delivered in church after she was raped by three unknown men.

Senior Apostle John Chi Ministering
Apostle John Chi

During Sunday church service on the 26 January 2020 at the Ark of God Covenant ministry Buea Cameroon, it was time for testimonies when a lady who have been suffering from fruit of the womb came out to testify how she conceived after she had been suffering for about 4years of  marriages  and infertile problems.

 Hear her ” At times when I managed to conceive, I will miscarriage. I told my husband that this man of God is just beside our house and people are coming from far and near for prayers, deliverance and healings. Let’s just go there! My husband accepted and we manage to register on prayer line on Saturday .Hallelujah!

So, when the man of God prayed and touched his hand on me on that faithful  day, I felt some strange feelings in my body and Senior Apostle John Chi told me Go and be free. Hallelujah!

As I went after two months, I went to the hospital and did pregnancy test, the doctor said I am pregnant. Hallelujah!
I can now say I’m four months pregnant and the baby is very okay.

Hallelujah!” After she testified, the man of God called other pregnant women in the church that faithful Sunday service to come and join her dance for Jesus.

As they were dancing going round her with joy, this 16 years old girl started labour and was quickly rush to emergency labour room in the church.

The man of God continued service and after about 30munites, he was signaled of an emergency. So, he quickly rush to the emergency room and said ” I command you to come out safely”. Hallelujah!  At that moment she delivered a bouncing baby girl.

After about 45munites, the baby, the mother and grandmother come to the alter and was conducted and interview.

Man of God: ” Who’s responsible for the pregnancy?”
Mother: ” I don’t know, some three men fooled me and slept with me”.
Man of God: ” Why did you come here?”
Mother:” I came here because since I was pregnant I don’t have money to go to clinic, I have never gone to clinic accept today that I delivered here in church. Thank you man of God”.

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Senior Apostle John Chi handed her and envelope with 100000FCFA and a bag of rice immediately and said I give this for the sake of the baby, we don’t encourage this. Then he asked the girl what’s your advice to the youths.

She said: ” My advice to the you is that never you hurry in life and always listen to advice from your mothers.
If you want to play life, life will turn and play you”.