2023 AFCON Sport

Guinea on second position as they beats Gambia 1 0 in AFCON 2023 Game

Guinea on second position as they beats Gambia 1 0 in AFCON 2023 Game

In a thrilling encounter, Guinea emerge

 victoriously, defeating Gambia with a narrow 1-0 scoreline in the AFCON 2023 game.

 The clash between the neighboring West African nations was highly anticipated, with both teams boasting talented players and fierce determination. Guinea’s triumph can be attributed to their exceptional teamwork, solid defensive display, and clinical finishing. 

From the first whistle, both teams showcased their tactical prowess and attacking intent. However, Guinea’s discipline and resolute defense proved to be the key factor in thwarting Gambia’s offensive threats. 

The breakthrough goal came in the 65th minute, as Guinea’s striker expertly slotted the ball past Gambia’s goalkeeper following a swift counterattack. Despite Gambia’s valiant efforts to equalize, Guinea’s organized defensive structure and astute game management ensured their victory.


How Group C looks like and the fate of Cameroon in AFCON 2023.

Guinea beat Gambia by 1- 0, and currently sits second in group C. 


1 Senegal 6 points (+5 goals)

2 Guinea 4 points  (+1 goal)

3 Cameroon 1 point (-2)

4Gambia 0 point (-4 goals)

 For Cameroon to qualify as second, they have to beat Gambia by a considerable score margin to cancel the goal deficit against Senegal, hoping that Senegal beats Guinea. 

If Guinea draws with Senegal and ends up second in the group, and Cameroon beats Gambia with a good score, Cameroon may qualify among

four best-ranked third-placed teams. 

The match against Gambia is a must-win, if Cameroon wants to stay afloat.

(Analysis by Nexdimempire)

This hard-fought win further solidifies Guinea’s credentials as a formidable force in African football and leaves Gambia with valuable lessons to learn. Overall, this exhilarating game showcased the passion, skill, and excitement that make AFCON a true spectacle for football fans worldwide.