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How I turn my passion to income Blogging

How I turn my passion to income Blogging

I love solving Math Quizzes. So, one day I saw this Quiz online: 10-10×10+10=?

Many people answered with wrong  answers.  Be sure to share your own answer in Comment.

So, I solved the Quiz in detail and got the correct answer. A friend of mine Congratulated me. 

Then I remembered an article online about how to create a blog and make money Blogging in Cameroon.

I quickly created a blog/website  and was solving and publishing these Quizzes and More.


Many people started visiting my website, I applied for AdSense and got approved, monitize the site with AdSense. From they I started earning some money from my website.

Again I started learning how to create a simple professional blog/website and today I can create and monitize a website for anyone if they pay me.

I can equally run Facebook ads ( boost Facebook page) and a lot more digital skills.

Since with Blogging, one needs many small skills to stand out, I learned how to design logos, edit Blog images etc.

Now you can turn your own passion to income if you want. I am ready to share my skills but not for free.

Important Note: All these I did with just Android phone