How to sign entertainment contract with record label in Cameroon

How to sign entertainment contract with record label in Cameroon.

How to sign entertainment contract with record label in Cameroon


Today, I want to show you the important clauses you must look out for in an entertainment contract:

1. Term: The period of time for which the contract will go on, which also doubles as the period of time which you will be rendering your services to the entertainment company. This must be stated in the contract.
2. Consideration: This is the amount (in this case) that the entertainment company will be paying you. This term, as well as the time and mode it will be paid, must be clearly and expressly stated in the contract.
3. Termination: The contract must state the circumstances which may lead to the termination of the contract as well as the process of termination. This is to provide a sense of ‘job security and to give you the right to go to court if the other party attempts to terminate the contract based on terms and in a mode contrary to those provided in the contract.

4. Assignment of Intellectual Property Rights: Since you will be working with the entertainment company, they will need you to assign your intellectual property rights to the company so that they can produce, publish, distribute and promote it. But you should ensure that the period for which the license will go on is clearly stated and is not unnecessarily long.

5. Indemnification: This is a term which states that if one party violates any of the terms of the contract which causes loss to the other party, the erring party will be liable for the loss caused to the other party.
There are several clauses that make up a valid contract, but these are some of the most important clauses you must carefully look out for in your entertainment contract. 
Remember to always seek legal advice before entering into a contract.

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