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How to support Artists as a Fan in Cameroon

How to support Artists as a Fan in Cameroon

There’s a major crisis today in the Cameroon intertainment Industry where Artists complaint that fans are not supportive and fans on the other hand say they’re supportive but Artists are not dropping good songs and doing giveaways.

Today I share with you some key things fans need to know before becoming a Musicians fan and what Artists need to do to keep their fans close to Them.

Note that some Cameroonians always get annoyed when an Artist call them fans, this might be because of inadequate understanding of the world can as far as art is Concerned. So, let’s define a Fan

Who’s a Music Fan.

A Music Fan is someone who loves and support his or her Artist Unconditionally.

Here are some key things you need to do to support and  promote Artists as a Fan.

React and engage on your favorite Artists Posts. ( Like, comment Share)

Stream your Artists songs on your preferred Streaming platforms. In those days, music use to be distributed via CD, today the main way to distribute songs is via Streaming platforms. In Cameroon, there’s only one music streaming platform which have not yet started paying Artists. The main places to stream songs include : Boomplay, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Audiomack etc.

When you stream Artists, they get paid.

Attend Artists Shows  if possible

Buy Artists projects

Promote your Artists to your friends and neighbors.

Supporting Your Artists Financially to Carry put projects.

Who’s and Artists

An Artist is anyone who things, put down ideaes, record them and publish to fans as songs in various formats

An Artist at times things and say what a fan cannot say or do but he or she feels it.

Duties of Artists to Fans

The mouthpiece of a fan

An Artist can say or do what a fan cannot say or do

Advice to Fans:

An Artist is supposed to advice and Educate their fans in some society issues. This is because Artists are always regarded as models by fans

Support Fans

An Artist is supposed to support fans morally or Financially. Remember artists earn because of fans, so it’s the best thing to always do Giveaway to support fans.

Support the community!

As a musician, since part of money comes from the community, it’s good to always give Back To them.


Fans and Artists should take time and understand third own duties to avoid blaming on another.