Jovi share music business strategies to Cameroon Musicians

Jovi share music business strategies to Cameroon Musicians, Announced new Album

Jovi shares business strategies to Musicians

Cameroon awards winning rapper Jovi shares business ideas to Musicians in his latest post
Business n’a Investment —> Profit 
Minimum investment that yields Maximum Profit  is actually how you define a good business. Think about it . 
Except you are doing a different type of business. If you can tell how much you will make or have realistic projections based on the Data you have collected you are doing good business. 
Also you have to note that Everyone is not playing at the same level . Targeting a bigger market will definitely require a relatively bigger investment.
Markets . Keyword. Demand ,Supply ,Monopoly and the democratization of the « power » needed to blow as an artist ( meaning you got new gate keepers in town they not at the major label offices they at the Tech and marketing Offices 😎 ) 
Things are forever changing at an increasingly fast pace 
Thanks to technology the consumer has a wide range of choices to make on how to spend his or her money on entertainment . Let’s shrink this to music. Choice splits the once a big market for the musicians into small parts , so now you have to satisfy many smaller markets to actually feel like you are ‘doing something. For Music the smaller markets it’s the new phrase I like to use —-> sub-genres . 
Take for example trap alone which is a sub genre in the HipHop universe ( shout out to marvel and the multiverse. Sorry had to get that out there , it’s too much ok ? Stop ) 
In trap music alone there are many ways to « trap »
Think about it . The sound spectrum is mad . So you can have a kid that listens only to trap music ( choice ) 
Now take for example Afro Beats 🔥 the sound spectrum is wider than that of trap , like there are kids who listen to only a particular style of Afro Beats ( choice ) 
That’s why most albums are becoming more sub-genre-oriented 
The internet is undefeated, hands down the GOAT !
Music in Cameroon is actually faraway from that conversation I just had up there 👆 
Because we don’t have the fundamental infrastructure necessary to thrive or even grow . The environment is very hostile and many projects don’t get see the light of the day . It’s easier to BLOW nowadays and it’s also the hardest it’s ever been . That’s for everyone around the world. We don’t have the fundamental infrastructure in this country to even think about competing with the other countries . It’s a different animal. They are organized and have the basic infrastructure to thrive . I’m not saying it was always like that in those countries BUT they got there  . As of now we are not there YET . We need to be organized 
We lack information on a lot of things and how certain things work. HIGHEST OR THE BEST QUALITY should be OUR first GOAL !
The Film Industry too needs support. Cameroon Oyé 🇨🇲
Thank you 
I was working on my album felt like chatting a little back to it . It’s 90% DONE . Happy Sunday 
Source: Jovi