Cameroon Kayamata

Kayamata: Buea Lady undresses herself after failing rules ( story)

Kayamata: Buea Lady undresses  herself after failing rules ( story)

Buea girl mad after failing Kayamata rules

A Lady Names we got as Maya took up her top in Buea, South West Region of Cameroon after failing Kayamata rules.

Yesterday, a crowd was running behind a lady and taking pictures and videos with Android phones after she undressed herself, walking around and  using words related to Kayamata ch*arm. 

” if this one no work, I go take another Kayamata” she said in one of the short videos. 

Kayamata surfaced online in Cameroon last month in Buea after a Leaked WHATSAPP voice note of Two ladies who were discussing how they full men with Kayamata.

Vanessa seemed to have tried to work their ways but apparently failed the rules.

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