Kayamata: how Buea girls charm rich men in leaked voice note

Kayamata: how Buea girls charm rich men in leaked voice note

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In Cameroon’s South West Region capital Buea, a leaked WhatsApp chat explained how Buea free girls charm rich men. Read story

In a leaked WhatsApp voice note conversation between two girls in Buea, we got startling revelations about a new love enhancer and V sweetener called “Kayamata“. This is a complete set of perfume, soaps etc. used to Charm rich men.

Charm is a common belief in Cameroon and Africa where people believe a substance or object can be mystical and confuse one to hear, attract or believe what others say. A charm is usually produced by some native doctors.

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The practice of using the charms by Buea girls and students within the University of Buea vicinity has been rife. 

The entire set of “Kayamata” costs 90,000 frs and girls are ready to buy it to lure men into falling in love with them and to destroy homes.

Kayamata: how Buea girls charm rich men in leaked voice note
Set of Kayamata charm

According to the WhatsApp leaked chat now circulating on social media, it contains Perfume, soap, Powder, Eyebrow and waist beads.  In the chat, they talk about how the various charms work, how and where to buy it.

Here’s their chat in pidgin;

“You see this Buea noh, they go di waka for ya lass. My boyfriend di hear for me very badly , any money I ask e , e di give me. E no di even argue. I give the girl na 90.000 . I chop na Njangi so buyam ….When ya V don over weak , you useam washam , ya V di tight very badly like you be na virgin. E di give lucky for man way e di brain you and nobi any kanna boy di stand for ya face. E fine very badly. 

This one na Pussy fryer…I go sleep some boy for Limbe noh, the boy nodi leave my phone rest… Na sayy I no like e. When you sleep with e , only sweeeeet . This one you di burnam for call money, na attraction” 

If you are a married woman, Pray hard against ‘Kayamata’ ladies.

Do you believe in Charms, especially Kayamata types?