Kribi Cameroon: Students brought to court for pornography.

Kribi-Cameroon: Students brought to court for pornography

On Monday 11th of April, after being accused of pornography and pimping, about 30 students from the government Bilingual Secondary School Kribi in the Ocean division, South region of Cameroon we’re brought to Court.

According to informations, a female student filed complaints accusing four of her male comarates of sexual harassment after being dragged by her friends and presented as a pimp. It was after dropping her complaints to the disciplinary council of the school that an investigation was opened which led to the dismantling of a group with majority of them being students. These group members had a practice of shooting sexual Videos (Porns) and selling it out to the social media.

This is not the first time that Students of this school have been implicated in acts of erotic videos. A group of 14, 10 being girls and 4 boys were dismissed from this school by the disciplinary council on March 3rd 2021 because they acted an obscene video in the school milieu.

Days won’t pass without a drame or scene in our school environment. Students fighting teachers, Students killing teachers and even shooting immoral videos in school. Are school Milieu becoming a ground for gangsters and vandals?