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Leaked teen s*x tape: Cameroon Artist Shares views, blames parents ( read details)

Leaked teen s*x tape: Cameroon Artist Shares views, blames parents ( read details)


Renowned Cameroonian Gospel music artist AKubai Shares her opinion about a leaked s*x tape of children, blames parents and particular those sharing it on social media.

Last week, a s*x tape of children from Cameroon surfaces online were they were imitating how to do por*n, Many parents and social media users made it go viral by sharing multiple times on social media platforms. An altitude Cameroon Gospel Artist Akubai is completely against and blames those sharing it instead. Read the full views below.

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This article is written By AkuBai (Gospel Artist)

A few weeks ago, I was horrified to come across a video on social media of three siblings, not even in their teens, having a filmed sex session at home, with the eldest playing the role of the director. These children laughed as they engaged in this abominable act.

Say No to Viewing or Sharing Obscenity (For the Sake of Your Children) by AkuBai)

Where could they have gotten the idea and boldness, not only to have sex, but to make a video of it? Likely not from our local TV channels which do not broadcast such immoral and obscene content.

Maybe they had watched pornography on their friends’ gadgets at school or in the neighborhood, or had witnessed their friends having filmed sessions. Maybe they had stumbled on similar videos on the computer at home or on their parent’s phones.

I am quite aware that smartphones and social media have changed the way we live, mostly for the better. It is also true that the influence of technology means our children are more exposed and have access to obscenity than children of past generations. However, I do not believe the battle is lost. I urge parents to up their parenting game and protect the innocence of their children for as long as possible.

In my view, it begins with parents ensuring their own purity by guarding their minds and hearts against immorality in all its forms. If you don’t want your child to copy a certain lifestyle or practice, as a parent, you must demonstrate it too through your actions. Teaching by words alone is not enough. You cannot watch porn or share nude photos and videos, yet expect your children to believe that you hate immorality. Especially nowadays when children have a tendency to stumble on exactly these types of media on our phones or computers. Parents must lead by example.

When leaked s#x tapes or nude photos go viral, a lot of those leading the “sharing” caravan on Facebook or WhatsApp are parents themselves, likely intending to shame or mock the disgraced persons. However, what actually happens is that these photos and videos end up getting saved on their devices, and the innocent children inadvertently end up seeing or watching this obscene content.

As we all know, a child’s mind is innocent, curious and easily corruptible. Some children love to experiment with things they see. Do not make the mistake of thinking that your child is too naïve to understand what they watch.

Furthermore, children of today are faced with multiple sources of negative influence, and parents should not add to the list. Parents should be the primary source of positive influence on their children, by minding what they watch or share on social media and on their phones.

The Bible commands us to make every effort to be holy (Hebrews 12:14), and it is important to know that our personal holiness benefits not only us but those around us, including our children. It is not holy to watch or share sex tapes. It is not holy to view or share nude photos. It is not holy to want to mock or shame someone who through misfortune has had their nakedness leaked to the public.

When you share material which the Bible labels as abominable, it could boomerang on your children who may develop habits you would be ashamed of.

Dear parents, for your purity and that of your children, say no to obscenity in all its forms.

Thank you and God Bless

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AkuBai is an award-winning gospel artist and ordained minister of the gospel. My vision is to impact humanity and touch souls through music.


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Do you blame those sharing it or those they copied from?