Meaning of Tiff Lass

 After I published the trending hit song by Rich Khasino titled “Tiff Lass”, many people have inbox me to ask the meaning. Today I bring you the full details of Tiff Lass.

Meaning of Tiff Lass

If you are looking for the meaning of Tiff Lass, what does Tiff Lass mean?, The definition of Tiff Lass then, you are in the right place, read details.

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Meaning of  of Tiff Lass: 

Tiff-lass (noun): A girl who slithers her way into a guy’s life, sleeps with him and disappears.

Tiff-lass (verb): The act of slithering into a person’s life with the sole intention of sleeping with them.



Mary na tiff-lass.

Synonyms: [“E.g Gold digger”]

Definition of Tiff Lass:

Tiff Lass can also be define as a cheat or a Gold Digger.

Tiff Lass is a pupolar slang used in Cameroon to refer to someone who cheat especially a female. Tiff Lass recently trends in Cameroon due to the Popular hit song ” Tiff Lass by unique and talented Cameroon music Star, Rich Khasino AKA Chairman of Tiff Lass.

Rich Khasino is unique in all his songs as he always compose his songs based on current and dynamic happenings which seems to be working well for him.

For example, due to Covid19 pandemic, many countries where on lockdown including Cameroon. Rich then composed his Tiff Lass song  all centered on how the lockdowns lead to many  ” Tiff Lass”.

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