Read And Earn Cloud Challenge Earn Money Online Rhapsody Of Realities EWCAZ4

Read And Earn Cloud Challenge  Earn Money Online  Rhapsody Of Realities  EWCAZ4

Read And Earn Cloud Challenge  Earn Money Online  Rhapsody Of Realities  EWCAZ4
Read and earn cloud Challenge

This is a great opportunity to earn money online simply by reading Rhapsody Of Realities devotional book. It’s time to make it big time earning genuinely as you also get blessed
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The ReachOut World Read and Earn Challenge is a unique opportunity 
for you to READ the world’s most distributed devotional- Rhapsody of 
Realties which is changing lives around the world and EARN Points.


A percentage of your points earned is automatically converted to 
sponsored copies of Rhapsody of Realties distributed globally on your 
behalf. And a percentage is for you to use to enjoy special discounts, 
offers, purchase of e-books on the Rhapsody Bookstore, Purchase of 
Movie tickets from AngelWave Productions, discounted tickets for 
selected airlines, hotels and more!!
All these and more can be enjoyed in the first cycle which runs for the
90 days and the 2nd cycle begins immediately after. And If you have 
been reading and enlisting others actively there is the potential of 
earning real cash at the end of the 2nd cycle.


How read and earn cloud Challenge works
How read and earn works 

You have to subscribe to be a part of the challenge. Subscription 
is what signs you up to begin to begin to earn Points. It is like 
your registration fee and is NOT an investment.
We have the: 
a. Basic Registration of 2 dollars gives you 2 points 
b. Standard Subscription is 10 dollars gives you 60 points 
c. Recommended Subscription is 100 dollars gives you 
1,300 points instantly
e. And we have the Reach Extenders for 1000 dollars which is a 
bonus opportunity and not connected to reading. Just pay and 
wait for 6 months and 3000 sponsored copies will be 
accredited to you! You have the option for multiple 
subscriptions under this feature.
Reading daily will enrich your life. And each day you read, you 
earn points depending on the type of subscription package paid 
a. 2-dollar subscription gives you 1 point each time you 
b. 10-dollar subscription gives you 8 points each time you 
c. And 100-dollar subscription gives you 40 points each 
time you read
The Reach Extenders is a VIP Package that you can add to your 
subscription and in 6 months 3000 copies will be sponsored on 
your behalf! How cool!
For more information; Contract; +237 680077590
+237 696533938