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Show Yoh to Collabo with Ay Pooyo?(Cameroon ft Ghana)

Show Yoh to Collabo with Ay Pooyo?(Cameroon ft Ghana)

Hip hop Vile have reviewed rap song lovers about a possible Collabo between Cameroonian Show Yoh and Ghanaian Ay Pooyo.

Show Yoh and AY Pooyo
Show Yoh and Ay Pooyo

This comes after Show Yoh’s latest trend as he featured in TVLH remix Stanley Enow and other big Cameroonian rappers.

For those who don’t know Show Yoh, he is best known for wearing expensive chains and dressed in old school 50Cent style with Dresses beautified with American flags and blinks. He call himself “King of New York City” 

More about him via this Link.

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As for AY Pooyo,  he does most of his rap songs with Goats and he always wears old Chains. He always refer to himself as “I am the Goat Mbeee” 

AP Pooyo and Show Yoh are rare types of hip hop rappers in Africa and their unique styles seems to be working for them.

Both rappers have their unique ways but one thing that seems to be common amongst them is that they always act as comedians in all their rap songs and public appearances.

Because of this similarly between them, Hip hop Vile then shared a post asking public opinion of a possible Collabo between them.

Hip hop Vile is a popular blog in Africa that is focused mostly on Hip hop songs.

After sharing a possible Collabo between Show Yoh of Cameroon and AY Pooyo of Ghana

About 80% of followers gave  positive remarks.

Here’s is what they posted: “Imagine #showYoh & #AyPooyo on a track on the Goat , No”

See screenshot below

Some are even proposing funny punchlines via comments like this one below.

“This is how the lyrics will look like 😂😂😂

Show Yoh vers : yooo yooo yooo Show Yoh Kamerican new yorkian representing ma mf New York ciree.

AyPooyo : Goat, goater goastest mheeee ,mheeeeeter mheeeestes I’m the goat mheee 😂😂😂😂

It’s gonna be a banger tho.


See screenshot

I guess you are already smiling.

As of now, we have contacted Hip hop Vile to find out if there is an underground arrangement of A Collabo between them but still to get a response.

What do you think about a Collabo between Show Yoh My Nigga and Ay Pooyo I am the Goat Mbeee Mbee…

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