Top six best ways to promote songs in Cameroon today

Top six best ways to promote songs in Cameroon today

Top six best ways to promote songs in Cameroon
Six best ways to promote songs in Cameroon

Promotion simply means making something reach someone who might have interest in it. You have make a good song but if you don’t make it reach your targeted audiences, it will just disappear into thin air.

In those days, TV and radio use to be the best medium to promote songs in Cameroon and other countries. Nowadays, they’re many ways you can get your tracks to your audience in less than no time. Today I will share with you top six Best ways to promote songs in Cameroon and get more audience.

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In economics, the production process is said to be completed if it reaches the final consumers.

To Artists, before you record a song, budget for the various stages of production.

That’s From beat, video and promotion.

Unfortunately many Cameroonian artists skip the promotion stage.

Open your eyes, promotion is the stage you have to Budget the highest amount of cash. This is because you can drop the best song but if you don’t promote it for more than a month, the song will disappear From the internet especially now that they’re many Artists out they dropping brand new songs every day.

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Top six best ways to promote songs in Cameroon.

The top six best ways include:

  1. Musical blogs

  2. Facebook ads

  3. Local DJs 

  4. TV

  5. Radio

  6. Stream platforms

Get detail explanation below

2. Facebook ads:

Running Facebook ads on your page. 

The is the best way because you can Target those who want to listen to your song and it works like magic. It’s still fall back to a blog because if you send your audience only to one platform where they can’t download your songs, you are not doing it correctly. For example, I can’t be going to YouTube Everyday to listen to my favorite song. I prefer to keep it on my device and when a play it, the person around me will normally listen to it. 

Facebook ads is to make your fans and other see your new songs easily. It’s now your choose to which platform to send them.

Also note that you can run ads on Twitter, Google and in stream platforms.

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3. Local DJs: When I say Local DJs, I don’t mean DJs who can’t play well or are not publicly noticed. I mean DJs in your arear where they can easily play your new songs for the people around them. 

Get in contact with them because if you hear people start singing your songs around the neighborhood, just know you have blow.

4. TV: Television has been they  up to today, many Artists use to pay music TV stations huge somes of money to get their songs play. Today social media has drop the number of people watching TV nowadays. Even though it has dropped, They are some big TV stations that if you song features on them, it’s a plus for you. TV is not going away anytime soon. Music TV stations always do top ten best songs of the week, month or year, if you are always on this list, then be sure to go far.

5.Radio: Redio is more like TV stations but the main difference is that most radio stations are the Best way to get your songs to the ears of local communities in Cameroon. Radio stations also do top ten depending on the genre newness of the song.  You drop your brand new song and it featured on the list, you are going somewhere. Always connect with them.

6. Stream platforms: this medium is here because I am talking about Cameroon. Low internet band width, poorvety and some restrictions make this medium less useful to promote your songs in Cameroon.

The thing is if you are targeting developed countries, it’s advisable to use streaming platforms. Also note that on these stream services, they’re plans you can promote your songs to reach more people within the services. I’m talking about YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Boomplay etc.

Finally number one.

1. Musical Blogs: A blog is a website where files can be stored on the internet ready for anyone to read, watch and download it. Statistics show that many people now prefer to download their favorite songs in their devices to use anytime. It’s only via a musical blog you can make this possible. 

I said musical Blogs because their are many other kinds of blogs like news and gist blogs, many Artists make a big mistake by promoting their songs via them. Their fans will just scroll and pass or give negative comments.

Musical blog is the number one place to promote your songs because on their websites, they make your tracks available for access in any format. This doesn’t mean you should only pay Bloggers, you can also get your own website cheaper Today. Contact us.

Blog at times make special promo to their fans, you can get in touch with them.

Be sure to promote your songs on Camaboom.

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Wrapping up

I am talking about top six ways you can get your songs to reach all your audience nomatter the geographical location, age or level of development of your audience you want to Target. Focus is Cameroon. If you combine all the ways above, your songs can reach anywhere in the world. 

Even though number is the best, it’s very important to use all the above ways since it will reach a wide audience. This equally depends on your budget. Thanks for reading, if you think this article is helpful, help us share with someone you think he or she needs it.