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Trending Cameroon entertainment stories you need to know

Trending Cameroon entertainment stories you need to know

Stanley Enow Arrived Cameroon
Stanley Enow

 Below are some top Trending Cameroon entertainment stories of past months you need to know. The stories are compiled in a funny way by one of Cameroon’s funniest Comedian 2Sap

2Sap is reporting the happenings particular to Cameroon rapper Stanley Enow Who just Jets in From USA.

Check stories below in pidgin language

Stanley Enow welcome back fo pays. 

That time way you no be deh so,

-Them compare eru and khati khati,

-main chick beat sidechick fo Buea shave yi head.

-Gas finish for kontri.

-ID card no gree komot.

-Price for groundnut oil just craze.

-Show Yoh go Dubai chop life.

-Je suis Kobo go Dubai bring back na sand.

-Them start fo fix Bamenda Babadjou road.

Kang Quintus open Lions Gate.

-MBERE them embarrass Blanche Bailley corner yi muna.

-Tenor  yi ngah turn konfu master.

-Nigeria beef Cameroon for tiktok. 

-Security guard save pekin e life fo grand mall.

-Daphne yi page delete before kam back.

-Portable tif Kitz237 yi song

-Burna boy tif Tzy Panchak yi song

-Open mic production sign Ewube Official 2.0  thanks to Wax Dey 

Them call we Desperado

-Coton sport win league 

-Bamboutos win super cup

– Them add new word for dictionary (HAND PICKED)

-Big3 challenge trend.

The one way vex me na say mami boy cook cornchaff deny me.

Credit: 2Sap