Video+ Download: Juis Kobo First reply to Naija

Video+ Download: Juis Kobo First reply to Naija

Trend Cameroonian singer and comedian, Je Suis Kobo has replied to critics who bashed him after he sent a shout-out to Nigerian comedian, Josh2Funny with a song entitled ‘First reply  to Naija’ for you to watch, download and enjoy.

Kobo notes that the shout-out was misunderstood by many as an author’s rights claim, leading to a battery of negative comments. 

In his reply, Kobo Moni notes that Cameroon music first hit the streets of Nigeria before the country was fully immersed in entertainment. Notwithstanding, he adds, there is the need for more love and cooperation between both countries as well as the rest of Africa. 

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no matter all the insults I’ve got love for naija, Kobo sings

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