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Why you should be an Independent Artist

Why you should be an Independent Artist

Due to the many misunderstandings between Record Labels and Artists, I have done this research and here’s why you should be an independent Artist.

Being an independent artist offers a level of creative freedom and control that is often hard to attain within the confines of a traditional record label or management contract.

 As an independent artist, you have the ability to make all decisions regarding your music, from the sound and style to the album artwork and release date. 

This freedom not only allows you to fully express yourself artistically, but also enables you to connect directly with your fans in a more authentic way.

 Additionally, as an independent artist, you have the opportunity to keep a larger percentage of the profits from your music sales and live performances, as you are not bound by the typical industry standards for revenue sharing

. Ultimately, being an independent artist gives you the chance to build your own brand and create music on your own terms, making it a highly attractive option for many musicians looking to establish themselves in the industry.