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16 years twin sisters impregnated by same boy

16 years twin sisters impregnated by same boy

16 Years Twin sisters impregnated by the same boy in the south West Region of Cameroon

16 years twin sisters impregnated by same boy

This family lived at Tole where both sisters (16 years old) were impregnated by the same boy of their age in their local community just before the armed crisis forced them to move to Muea where they stayed with their dad’s friend who breaks stones for gravel.They had to leave yet again this time because of sexual harassment from their dad’s friend. Still pregnant they relocated to a community far behind Sandpit (Likoko) where they stay in a rotting plank house with no doors or windows.

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They sleep on a single mattress placed on the floor without a carpet and no blankets or extra bed sheets. Their house is surrounded by a bush, a breeding ground for mosquitoes and a habitat for other dangerous animals animals and insects. Their toilet, accessible by a bush path has no roof but a single hole made in the cement serving as the floor.

The slimy, shaky cement has been covered by algae and and branches and leaves of the trees surrounding it. For privacy there are two mud stained bed-sheets hanging at the entrance to the 3 block walled toilet with many holes..

This family pays rents of 5,000 FCFA monthly to stay in that house, they don’t even feed regularly because their father can’t find odd jobs daily.A truth exploited by the local men in the area leading these vulnerable pregnant girls to bed which they accept in-order to feed,their story is one of the realities of Poverty, Dispute and the lives of IDPs. It shows us the vulnerability of poor girls and the damaging effects of lack of education.

Thank you for reading, we now call on the community, health organizations, female empowerment bodies, the government and people of good will to step in and assist this family. The Solidarity Hospital is taking care of their antenatal follow up but there is always a place for every helping hand in their lives.

Someone’s Advice”That’s How when their brain will open, they will start advicing other young girls to stop sex  before marriage and the young ones with empty Brian will be like allow me to enjoy my life, it’s my turn now, and the circle continues…

A better solution is to engage them in serious education and compulsory church activities from childhood”
What’s your advice to them?