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AFCON 2023: round of 16 Qualified teams and fixtures

AFCON 2023: round of 16 Qualified teams and fixtures 

The Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2023 is set to kick off with an exciting round of 16 stage, featuring some of the most talented football teams on the continent. After an exhilarating group stage, the qualified teams are ready to battle it out for a place in the quarter-finals. 

Among the top contenders are powerhouses like Egypt, Nigeria, and Senegal, who have showcased their dominance and skill throughout the tournament. However, some underdog teams have also proven their worth and secured a spot in the knockout stage, such as Cape Verde and Comoros. Round of 16 Qualified teams for AFCON 2023 and their fixtures below

Check out list of 16 Qualified teams for AFCON 2023 round of 16 below

  1. Angola

  2. Namibia

  3. Nigeria

  4. Cameroon

  5. Equatorial Guinea

  6.  Guinea

  7. Egypt

  8.  DR Congo

  9.  Cape Verde

  10.  Mauritania

  11.  Senegal

  12.  Ivory Coast

  13. Mali

  14.  Burkina Faso

  15.  Morocco

  16.  South Africa

Here are the Round of 16 fixtures at the AFCON 2023

Angola vs. Namibia.

Nigeria vs. Cameroon.

Equatorial Guinea vs. Guinea.

Egypt vs. DR Congo.

Cape Verde vs. Mauritania.

Senegal vs. Ivory Coast.

Mali vs. Burkina Faso.

Morocco vs. South Africa.

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