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 Bao Man profile

Bao Man
Bao Man

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Bao man’s real name and birth place

MBABIT KALEP FON with the artistic name BAO MAN is a passionate Cameroonian Artist who was  born and raised in Kumba- Southwest Region of Cameroon with town of Origin being Bamenda, North West Region of Cameroon.

Music Career

Bao Man  started his music career in 2016 but was never as he says he was still struggling with finance to set up his own music studio.

It was until late 2019 that he set up his music studio entitled ‘Way in records’ working together with five other energetic Artists which includes:

Tebit Terence, Disco, Runt Melody, Donadien and De Brice.

In his studio, he produced beats and  records for other artists.

His video shorts and  edits are done in partnership with E-Legacii company Lmt.

Bao is also a professional graphic designer based in Kumba Cameroon.

Runt Melody aka ABEIGANG  has been his producer from day one up till date.

Latest songs

After feeling the pinch of the Crisis in the North West and South West Region of Cameroon, Bao Man and his team decided to write their first official song entitled ‘ We don tire‘ which talks about the suffering of those living in the crisis regions. 

As the song was welcome by many Cameroonians home and abroad with more than 15k views on YouTube just 3 weeks after they dropped it, MBABIT KALEP FON aka Bao Man and his team now found his music niche as they has already released another soul touching song entitled Homeless

He promised to keep making his voice heard in the Cameroon music industry as he also owns his own music studio.

Booking and support

For booking and support, contact home via 

Facebook: Bao Man



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