LONCHELE TCHOFFO BARDO RADIH Publicly Known as BTL  LAMBORGHINI , born January 02, 1997 in Mbouda (Bamessingué) is a Cameroonian singer-songwriter. He comes from a family of 6 children where he is the eldest of the second wife.

BTL LAMBORGHINI loses his father only at the age of 8 years of paternal dedication he will go to the maternal side to continue his studies.

With the love for music he gave up everything and released his very first title which recounts his journey “I THINK ABOUT YOU” and then “Giving is giving”. He did not give up and continued the work with several titles.

Later, he set off in Douala to conquer the life of an artist, to sell the fresh food.

Education and Career

In 2005, after losing his father, he obtained his CEP and began secondary school in the town of Mbouda where the music he loved so much took over him.

In 2015 he had a meeting which did not lead to much success and later decided to go to Douala. Basically, he works from one studio to another to be able to establish himself.

During this time, he works as a pastry chef and then sells the fresh food and the slippers until he has another meeting which opens the way for him to other opportunities such as snack shows. This is where people started to take an interest in him and what he was doing.

After all this journey, he decided to follow alongside music, a medical career which he is currently pursuing.

We must not deny the fact that this artist is a fighter and life belongs to those who fight. His journey has not always been easy.

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