Biography Lill Humble

Biography: Lill humble (real name age and latest music)

Biography: Lill humble (real name age and latest music)

Biography: Lill humble (real name age and latest music)
Lill humble

As Lill humble keeps making waves in the music scene both national and international, many people are asking “Who’s Lill humble” what’s his age, what’s his real name. If you are one of them, then this post is for you. You will get every detail about him.

Who’s Lill humble

Lill humble is a Cameroonian hip hop rapper from the North West region of Cameroon, Bamenda. Coming from Kumbo town, Banso.

Music Career

Lill Humble started rapping in 2016, but got into professional rap music 2019 years ago.

In this short period of time Lill Humble has put out 

 1 studio album 

 1 EP

10 singles

5 international collaborations

Lyrical joe 

Young Gattas 

Kao Denero 



Home Collaborations

 Da Bond

 King B


Young Holiday, 


2020: Inner Thoughts ft EazyPRIEST

2021: Return

2021: Bad Emotions ft Da Bond

2021: On God ft Da Bond and Lyrical Joe

2021: Lost Soul

2021: Tragedy ft Kao Denero 

2021: Hold My Hand ft Askia

2021: Brown Skin

2021: Survival

2021: Take me home

2022: I Remember

Lill humble latest song

His new song  “Take me Home ” is now making huge waves in Cameroon’s hiphop world .

“Take me Home” is a song in which he talks about his wish to go back to his hometown when it was still peaceful and full of love .

It’s an indirect reference to the anglophone crisis in Cameroon which has been going on for more than four years with war and destruction being the main theme of this crisis

Check out his latest song ” Take me Home ” below :

Lill humble net worth

As of today, we can’t estimate his net worth.

Lill Humble is the future of African Hiphop, also known as “The voice” and represents more than just an artist . He is a symbol of hope for all those who have talent,