Biography Show Yoh

Biography: Show Yoh

Profiling Show Yoh

As many of camaboom’s visitors keep asking for the  biography of Show Yoh, I decided to go deeper and bring you these details about Show Yoh, A.K.A “Show Yoh Ma Nigga”.

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Show Yoh,  was born in  Bamenda, North West region of Cameroon. Cameroon is a Country in Central Africa.

He is an old new school partionate hip hop Artist, songwriter and at times a Comedian due to his ways he usually dressed up.

Show Yoh is best known for dressing in old school 50 cent style, He always appears on stage with dresses beautified with American flags and shiny chains, rings and watches. At times he always appears in shiny dresses from head to toe.


See pictures.

Screenshot showing Show Yoh dressed in American flag
Show Yoh


Show Yoh dressed in shiny dresses

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This explains why he always refer to himself as the King of New York City ( Represented in Africa)

He started Music in early 2019 with his first single entitled “My Nigga” As the song was successful, as smart as he is, he released another beautiful track titled “Brenda Biya”.

In Brenda Biya, he openly expressed his love for Brenda Biya, daughter of the President of Cameroon. 

This song went viral and he became Popular in Cameroon and abroad.

Show Yoh recently dropped his EP ( Extended Play) titled ” Show Yoh the King”  with Five songs. 

Show Yoh gained his latest momentum in the entertainment industry  as he ft Stanley Enow in TVLH remix and other Cameroonian top rappers.

He equally features on the list of Top ten hottest Cameroonian rappers in 2021 as he keeps on making waves in the industry.

His recent trend was that of a possible Collabo with AY Pooyo of Ghan. This was hinted by Hip hop Vile, one of the most popular blogs in Africa focused mostly on Hip hop Music.

What’s unique about Show Yoh is that he is humble, Smart and lovely as far as Music is concerned. 

He is equally referred to as a Comedian as everything he does always sounds funny.

Show Yoh being so smart has gained many appellations and phrases from fans such as:

Show Yoh Ma nigga, No Show without Show Yoh, Camerican New Yorker, King of New York Cireeee …

Below are the various contact details of Show Yoh.

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This is Show Yoh’s Biography as at February 2021, it can be updated at anytime soon as he keeps dropping more interesting dope rap songs.

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