Biography Business Sungin Shalot

Biography Sungin Shalot

Biography Sungin Shalot

Sungin Shalot biography
Sungin Shalot

After launching her skincare business, many people are asking Who’s  Chalot Sungin. 
Today I profile her on Camaboom and a business line in detail. Get everything you need to know about her below

Her real name

My name is Sungnin Shalot, a 25-year-old double degree holder from the University of Buea.


I graduated when the Anglophone crisis just started, and things were so difficult that I couldn’t stop thinking of a way out of certificates given the fact that I couldn’t find a job.

Business line

I was inspired by a few skincare therapists and then decided to move to Nigeria for training thanks to the connection I had with a few people. In Nigeria, I studied and practiced organic skincare after which I became a skincare enthusiast in 2019.
I then returned to Cameroon to share the many good products and skills I have acquired, which wil help treat and provide good skincare routine to both men and women.
My skincare brand is so good and one of its kind as is approved and confirmed by models/ladies like @khalifa Vanithels ,@Zita Minaj and many others.
Kindly support me by purchasing at 30% off thanks to promotion sales from sales now till 28th December. We also have free gifts  and free consultation for every buyer.


Sungin Shalot is a Skincare therapist who graduated from the University of Buea and then moved to Nigerian where she was trained as a Skincare therapist.
Upon graduation from Nigeria, she returned back to Cameroon and create her own business line. “Shaliskincare
Delivery is World wide; contact us through the number 670005895, 
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