Artists Cameroon Top 10

Cameroon artists: Top 10 most loved (#1 is amazing)

Cameroon artists: Top 10 most loved (#1 is amazing)

Daphne Elizabeth Tekeh, Mr Leo, Locko

Daphne Elizabeth Tekeh, Mr Leo, Locko

You and I can agree that they’re some artists in Cameroon, Africa or any part of the world that whenever they drop any of their Projects, many people fall in love with it and hence the artists. Many of such artists are common in Cameroon. 

These kinds of artists to an extent can be referred to as ‘Naturally blessed Artists’. That’s everyone else loved them and their music no matter the Genre, fans, language or geographical location.

In this article, I will review the top ten most loved Cameroonian artists. Before I give them, it’s important to define what I mean by love in this post in order not to cause confusion and unnecessary arguments online and offline.

What’s love

Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection, to the simplest pleasure. An example of this range of meanings is that the love of a mother differs from the love of a spouse, which differs from the love of food. Most commonly, love refers to a feeling of strong attraction and emotion to someone.


Now you know the meaning of love, let me define it in relation to this write up.

Love in the context of this article means attraction and emotional positive feeling toward an artist and his or her music by Cameronians irrespective of being a fan or not.

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Considering that you have read and understand the above paragraphs, let’s go straight to the real business.

Cameroon artists: Top 10 most loved( number one is amazing)

The list includes:

  1. Mr Leo.

  2. Locko.

  3. Daphne E.N. and Charlotte Dipanda.

  4. Salatiel..

  5. Jovi and Stanley Enow.

  6. Mic Monsta and Show Yoh

  7. Tzy Panchack and Magasco.

  8. Vernyuy Tina.

  9. Kamani and Muriel Blanche.

2.Mr Leo: With an amazing personality, he captured the hearts of many music lovers with his song titled “On va gere”. Before this, Mr Leo had been dropping dope songs but couldn’t attract the love of Cameroonians.

Leo followed up with some amazing songs which made people love him more and how he interacts with his fans on the streets.

3. Loko: Usually refered to as Love doctor gained love from many after dropping ‘ Margo’

4. Daphne and Charlotte Dibanda: Two female artists take this position.

  1. Daphne E.N 

She attracted many Cameroonians due to her first song entitled ‘Ratefira’ but the love increased when she released ‘ Calee’ Calee used to be on replay in many occasions when it was first dropped.

Up till date, any of her projects are always welcome with love. 

  1. Charlotte Dipanda:

Her sweet and Charming voice always makes Cameroonians want more from her. She attracted many with her soul touching song entitled ‘coucou’.

5. Salatiel: High Man General gained love from fans and Cameroonians after he dropped love song entitled ‘ Mon Bebe’ 

Still doubting the love he receives ? After featuring in Beyonce’s album, Salatiel was praised for having been chosen by Beyonce.

The internet was on lockdown for over a week before and After he dropped his debut album “Africa represented”. The album received massive shares and streams on all platf.

6) Jovi  and Stanley Enow: Two music stars occupied number 6

  1. Jovi

Jovi has created many words and phrases now used over I’ve Cameroon since he started rap music. ‘ Sok Sok’ ‘ Es pi quoi’ are some of them. He also became the first artist to create a merch and also sell his EP directly on his website. He is at the helm of a foundation that provides sanitary napkins to females in Cameroon for free.

In Addition, Jovi aka Mbkogod has one of the strongest fan bases not only in Cameroon but in Africa. His fans believe in him and praise him like a “god”. He is one of those we can say has thousands of die heart fans popularly known as Mboko Gang.

  1. Stanley Enow

Stanley Enow:

As we all know King Kong got the spotlight after the release of “Hein pere” which became the biggest hit in Cameroon in 2014 a few days after it’s release.

The artist has gone round Africa and most of his fans cry when they see him ( watch this ).

He has represented the country Several times and won many awards to his name.

7. Mic Monsta and Show Yoh: two artists featured here.

  1. Mic Monsta

Love for Mic Started when he dropped hip hop…

It increased after dropping Album ‘ Vibes Clinic’ with popular track Local lokito.

  1. Show Yoh:

Even though not old in music, He has gained love from Cameroonians as he always dresses in funny ways. This makes many to love him. He has even created a popular saying ” no show without show Yoh” He was loved when her dropped his rap song ‘ Brenda Biya.

8. Tzy Panchak and Magasco:  Two name are here.

  1. Tzy Panchack

Tzy Panchak is one of those no one can stand somewhere and say openly that “I hate him”. After dropping the cover of Kizz Daniel’s song “Woju ” some years back, he got the spotlight and has established himself. Tzy Panchak has brought up many talents and made them shine at no cost ( without signing them).

  1. Magasco

Magasco :-

Magasco is a free-spirited person who flows with everyone. He is not just loved by fans but loved by his colleagues too and this has been proven on several occasions, he recently launched a cover challenge on his song “give” and even verified artists’ have joined the challenge. He vibes with comedians, actors, artists and fans at any moment.

9. Vernyuy Tina: Tina has gained love from fans and Cameroonians after dropping her  song entitled ‘Musica’

She’s unique as she always mixes her dialect in all her songs and this has not stopped fans from showing her love. 

Vernyuy Tina recently dropped her latest single entitled “Weh Weh”.

10, kamani and Muriel Blanche: Two name take number 10.

  1. Kamani:

Kameni aka Rude girl is one of those we can say “good music fetch fans” and represents her in Cameroon. With numerous bangers in just a little while , she has gained recognition.

She has been very consistent since she took off and keeps supplying bangers and hits for her fans. She gets massive support daily, people sharing her works and interceding for her.

  1. Muriel Blanche:

Muriel is a multi talented Cameroonian female influencer, she got the spotlight as a model and she keeps surprising people everyday. She acts, sings, and is also a comedian.

As it stands she is the most followed female model in Cameroon and many models and aspiring influencers see her as their Inspiration.

I told you number one will amaze you.

1, Elizabeth Tekeh. Why will you feel something concerning God shouldn’t be first? Elizabeth tops this list because of many reasons, some explained below.

She’s one of the most renowned Gospel  single in Cameroon who gain love from fans and Cameroonians after dropping her song entitled” Change my Story”

The song is played in Cameroon and Abroad on many occasions like in transport vehicles during traveling.

Her latest album entitled Record of Life have been welcome with love by her fans and Cameroonians with Little or no critics


Remember before I started listing the list of top ten most loved Cameroonian artists,

I made a statement that I consider that you understand the meaning of love in this context.

So this list has nothing to do with the top ten best artists in Cameroon, it’s talking about musicians Cameroonians love without conditions.

Also note that the article was written based on online and offline surveys.


This article is written based on my personal opinion and a small online and offline survey. It should not be used for any online or offline arguments as the list can still change.

Find it helpful and interesting? Share your thoughts by commenting, don’t forget to spread the love.