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Download: Amina Kon by Genious Drey and Sparo UG latest song

 Download: Amina Kon  by Genious Drey and  Sparo UG latest song

Download Amina Kon mp3
Download Amina Kon

Ugandan singer Genious Drey drops latest song entitled Amina Kon featuring Sparo UG. The track is now available on Camaboom for you to download, listen to and enjoy.

Teso multi talented Genious drey has team up with award winning number one rapper Sparo Ug to release that melodious song to start the year. Amina Kon is Atesot word meaning your love. Genious drey confesses his true love to his lover and vows not to give up since she’s a woman of his dreams much as it’s hard.

Amazing rapper brings his unique rapper as he expresses competition for one girl but he wishes to show her his best love and prove he’s best for her.

Amina Kon is part of Genious drey album Teso Ganda. You should not miss out to hear this one