How to prepare for new song release in Cameroon

Music streaming playlists have become an essential part of getting your music heard. Creating music is one thing and making it go viral is another thing. They’re quickly becoming the make or break for many artists and can get you in front of a serious number of ears if you land the right one with a lot of followers.

No wander CDs are disappearing. To get your music to many ears is bit tough if you are not doing it in the 21st century way such as creating your website, getting your music to streaming platforms at the right time, preparing your fans etc. you will find all the best tips to prepare for your new song release and how to get your music to streaming platforms and even to your personal website in this article. If you are a in Cameroon or abroad, after applying these tricks, your stream numbers will double by about 50% provided you had not been doing it this way. your income is also surely going to double.

So, get a glass of water, relax yourself and read carefully, put them to practice and thank me after.
How to prepare for new song release in Cameroon

Here are some few tips on how to get your music on streaming platforms.


Yes I wrote it in bold and capital. This is to show you how relevant this point is. In those days, you could do without a website as an artists but nowadays an artist without a website is like you build a beautiful house and forgetting the bedroom and toilet. I have seen big artist without websites and I wander why.

With your website, you can connect all the streaming platforms to it with just one click.

You can add your personal store to sell or maybe promote your products ranging from digital to physical. Be smart.

You can sell your music directly to fans and supporters with just one click. Gone are those days artists used to carry CDs here and there for sale.
You can publish the songs you wrote on your website as articles.
In fact having your website is a good source of passive income.

Is it not nice to share one link to your website that contains all your portfolio than to be sharing each streaming or social media platform separately. think about it.

Creating a website is pretty simple but if you have problems creating your music website for free, contact us or leave a comment at the end of this article. If you are smart, hit this link to create your website for free with your android phone

Prepare your fans

Building followers on Spotify gives you an easy way to connect with your most loyal fans. Think of your followers as subscribers to your mailing list on Spotify. When you release new music, followers see your new album, track, or remix:

In their Release Radar playlist
Featured inside their Spotify app
In their personalized new release email
That’s why it’s also important to make sure you’re pushing people to ‘follow’ your artist page. You can get a follow widget from your Spotify for artists page too and put it on your website. Who gets onto a playlist and who doesn’t is going to come down to one thing – listener data. If users are adding your record to their playlist, saving your song, and you’ve got a relatively low skip rate… you will have a much higher chance of getting slotted onto an official Spotify list.

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Get your music on streaming services.
Head to google and google it, there are a heap of international service organizations offering music distribution. SPOTIFY, YOUTUBE, DEEZER AND SOUNCLOUD are some few good examples.

Let us work with spotify for now, you can apply the tips to any other streaming platform.
It is also worthy to note that must of these Platforms are not available to some countries. so, you have to hire an expert for some to do it the other way round.

Update your Spotify and Apple Music profile
A good looking profile shows Spotify you’re serious about your presence on their platform and provides another touch point for your fans to learn more about you. It’s also a great way to achieve brand consistency across all of your online artist profiles. There are so many ways you can pimp out your profile on Spotify. First, you’ll need to sign up to Spotify for Artists. From there, you can:

Change your profile picture and header image
Update your bio
Update your image gallery
Choose an ‘artist pick’
Add links to your social media and website
Do this to all your streaming and social media platforms.


Spotify has just launched a brand new pitching platform. The new feature is still in beta mode but it’s a way to give you and your team an easy way to submit your unreleased tracks directly to Spotify’s editorial teams around the globe for playlist consideration. There’s over 100 Spotify playlist editors around the world who coordinate thousands of playlists every day and if you can get on even just one of them, it really helps with your streaming numbers and in return, more people will hear your tunes

It’s available right now for any artist, label, manager or team member to access. Simply log into your Spotify for Artists account. There, you’ll have the option of selecting one unreleased song for playlist consideration and submitting it to the Spotify team. HOWEVER make sure you log in at least seven days before your track is released to submit it. If you do this, your track will automatically appear in every single one of your followers’ Release Radar playlists!

It’s important to give Spotify as much information about the track as possible — genre, mood, upcoming shows… it’s ALL important and will help them filter your song in the best way possible. All of this information helps Spotify make decisions about where it may fit.

You can let Spotify know the instruments played on the track, whether it’s a cover of another song and the languages sung on the track. The data you share will be complemented by what Spotify already knows about you what else your fans listen to, what other playlists you’ve appeared on, etc

Feed that release day hype

Have you ever driven a train? Well you’re about to become the driver of the hype-train for your own project. Creating buzz in the week leading up to and week following your release is incredibly important.

Spotify’s algorithmic playlists are constantly scanning blogs, social media chatter, websites and tastemaker plays on their platform for the next big thing. They’re looking for buzz and if you can create some you’re one step closer to being picked up by the algorithm machine. So, how do you do it?

Here are some ways you can create buzz:

An online blog premiere for your single before it’s released
A viral video (make sure your YouTube profile links back to your Spotify profile.)
Making a Hype URL/ Smart URL or for your track. These leads back to the first point that is create your personal website and link everything.
Music blogs posting and sharing your single
By building a solid initial following on another platform such as Soundcloud before uploading to Spotify
A radio premiere for your song
Being added to your friends and other artist’s playlists
Sharing your track on ALL available social platforms and getting others to share across their social networks.
Hit your emailing list on the day of your release and include a link to your track. This is best workable when you have your personal website.

Hopefully you learn something today, now share with your friends