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Javnyuy Joybert schools Cameroonians about Davido 1M birthday Shout-out

Javnyuy Joybert schools Cameroonians about Davido 1M birthday Shout-out

Javnyuy Joybert

Javnyuy Joybert

I guess you have noticed the trend around Davido in the last few hours.

In his words, Davido said “If I have given you a hit song and you are my friend you should send me money – 1 million Naira

And in few minutes, Davido makes over 60 million Naira and more on the way after the call out for his friends to give him 1 million Naira each. 

Something cut my attention on what he said. “If I have GIVEN YOU a hit song…” In one of the trending videos, he called some artists like Stanely Enow, Diamond Platinum etc. These are artists he featured in their songs. 

There are 4 major reasons his friends are giving him this money.

Let me share 2;

1. He contributed value first. They may have paid him to feature on their song, but that does not mean he came with an empty head and empty hands. He contributed value that contributed in their rising. They leveraged on his influence and bigger platform to grow theirs. So they are giving as a way to say thank you. 

2. Some people want to belong. Using it as an opportunity get his attention, strategic positioning, connect with him and possibly build career and business relationship. Significant actions can quickly get the attention of influential and powerful people. 

This reminds me of what 2 of my mentees did few weeks. They contributed 400 000frs, bought me a brand new iPhone as a gift. In their words they said “The sacrifices you have made for us through mentorship sessions, follow up calls, knowledge sharing, accountable actions has greatly contributed to our growth so far”

Truth be told, this is the biggest gift I have ever received from another human being. I was marveled and challenged. I focused on massively giving them incredible value that will advance their careers and businesses.

You that is thinking of posting on your status that your friends should send you money, let me ask eeh “What significant value have you contributed to their lives?” 

“What tangible sacrifices have you contributed to their lives?”

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Javnyuy Joybert

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