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Liya, Cameroon female singer pens Down heathbroken message

Liya, Cameroon female singer pens Down heathbroken message

Liya, Cameroon female singer pens Down heathbrown message


Barely a month after Cameroon singer liya published her latest song entitled ‘sweet sweet‘, yesterday she published a soul touching message and story that keep many wandering.

The most difficult thing I have ever faced is telling my story to the world . That’s because I do not really want people to worry but instead make them feel strong and keep going in every circumstances.  But actually i came to understand that just as I want to help others, I  have to let others help me too . We find a reason to keep going through something, one person or the other everyday.

I lost my mom at the age of 6  and growing up without mother’s love, care and attention has been a void that still sticks on me up untill now . All my life i have been fighting one battle to another in silence. 

 I’ve been struggling with the family. 

Just at the point where I thought i had support as a grown up to help me survive and gain stability in life, my dad d.ied leaving 3 step kid brothers.   I’ve been struggling,  I’ve gotten terrible experiences also hunting me.  I almost got raped,  assaulted and many people tried taking advantage of me when ever I reached out for help. So I stopped trying to depend on a man and decided to engage in and job or business that can help me and my siblings. I am very hurt now because the last property  we hold dear which is our house Dad left is at the verge of being taken  because of the loans he owed.

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It’s actually depressing this comes at a time i have one of my major music projects  I’m trying to put all my heart and effort on and the year 20 22 i penned down many goals  but it welcomed me with a notification from the bank . 

This is the only property  my father left us . I can’t imagine my siblings not having a roof to rely on. I am confused and highly  disappointed at myself.  I have been strong although but I’m breaking inside.