Money rituals: Everything you need to know today

Here’s everything you need to know about money rituals today

Money rituals in Cameroon and Nigeria
Money rituals in Nigeria and Cameroon

After making a one week study, we put together everything you need to know about money rituals.
there’s no such thing like money rituals.
That’s to say They is nothing you can do on Earth and then money appears in your room, car etc.

Some Babalawo aka Marabouts from Nigeria and Cameroon told us that they are two kinds of Money rituals which are all bad.

Fake money rituals  and true money  rituals.

1 The Nollowwood lies money rituals that they will fool you that if you offer blood etc, money will start appearing in Your room. This has never work and you will never achieve it, so stop killing innocent goats, fowls etc. Some even kill human.

2, The money rituals that gives lucky in What ever business or job you do. They said this kind of Money rituals, you must work then use the charm for gods to direct the right people to your business.

In our research, we equally found out that all the money ritual methods above have been hijacked by scammers who will Ask you to do some things they know you can never do. They then ask you to pay them to do it. When you pay, they keep demanding and they can even demand humans, that’s why you see some youths killing innocent frnds all in the name of money rituals.

Money rituals
Money rituals

We equally found out that all the above money rituals have consequences, as they said the worth gotten by means of money rituals usually disappears when they people die.

One of them told us that Many youths are coming for money rituals but he Advice them to work hard and pray for God to bless them.


Work hard and Smart then pray for God to bless you in your Hustle. Avoid running more than your Shadow.