popular comedians gone mad in Cameroon?

popular comedians gone mad in Cameroon?

Donhes Comedy 237 lady in Mad dressings style

It’s going Viral that two popular Buea based Comedians are rooming Buea streets and snatching food items from hawkers small table stores.

Douches Comedy World Man in mad dressings style
Donches Comedy 237 member 

The two Comedians, one Identify as Sasha a lady and a male all belong to Donches Comedy 237 were caught on cameras in Mad dressings style.

After many kids started following them and the news started spreading in other localities, someone  then reviewed that maybe they were just doing a rehearsal for their video shot. That’s a Comedy skits.

As of now they’ve not reply anyone but watch their previous Comedy Skit below.

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They’re a group of about 6 boys and a Lady. Check out.