Profile: Brice Nguh

Profile: Brice Nguh

Nyamjoh Brice Nguh, a Cameroonian actor (born on August 27, 1993) commonly known as Actorpreneur began his acting career in 2014 at the age of 21 by acting at church and conferences.

In 2018,


Brice gained his first booming contract and acted in “Forgiveness Pays” a Christian movie produced by pastor Webgong precious.

Since then, he has featured in movies such as Blood Watered Seed, Android World, Mystery of tomorrow, The things about lies, Ghost Town and others.

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Early life and education

Actorpreneur was born as Nyamjoh Brice Nguh originating from the Northwest region, Boyo division precisely from Bum but grew up in Douala. He is the son of Nyamjoh Humphrey Nguh and Nechow Evelyn and also the 4th child out of the family of 6 children.

In the early years, he attended Henzo primary school Douala at Mabanda where he got his first school leaving certificate. He later on attended GHS Fonfuka from form 1 to form 5 where he got the Ordinary level certificate.

After that, he attended Success evening school Douala where he finally got the advanced level in lower sixth. In 2014, he started his course through the University of Douala and obtained the first degree in Modern letters in 2018.

More Achievements

Apart from the first degree, Actorpreneur attended other personal development professional centers since he was also into entrepreneurship which definitely got him the name ” Actorpreneur”.

In 2019,he obtained a certificate in public speaking and communication at the Center For Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Business Development Africa.

He attended SHEP academy where he obtained a certificate in Business and mind mastery in 2020.

Recently, he gained a contract with Nosa Rex from Nigeria in Yaounde in the movie entitled “The Devil I Married”.

Finally, Nguh Brice is not only an actor and an entrepreneur but also a crypto trader. This shows that Cameroon is growing some multi talented youths in different and beautiful varieties.

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