Biography Larifina

Profile: Larifina

Profile: Larifina


After her trending story about  her being pregnant and her coming up publicly with a playcard written on it ‘I am still still a virgin’, some of  our Camaboom visitors are searching ‘ who’s Larifina? What’s her real name etc. After a close chat with her, I have compiled everything you need to know about Larifina in this article.

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Here’s what you will know about Larifina after reading this post.

  • Larifina’s real name, birthday and Place of Birth,

  • Her music Career.

  • Her profession and occupation.

  • Booking details.

Without much Ado, let’s go straight to the main topic.

Her real name, birthday and Place of Birth

Tengen Larisia Enjeck with artistic name Larifina was born on the 6th June, 1999 in Bamenda Cameroon precisely Batibo, based  in Douala – Bonaberi.  

Music Career

Larifina  is a Cameroonian Afropop singer and songwriter who Started showing love for music from her secondary School days as she was inspired by top Cameroonian Artists like Daphne and Mr Leo.

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It was until 2018 that she published her official first track on YouTube entitled Only one . After attending some mini shows, she also did some collaborations with some Cameroonian Artists.

As of now, Larifina has already released five tracks which includes:

Only one 

Resté La

Take me away

Toki Toki


And the latest being Avancer

Professional and occupation

Despite the fact that she’s doing music ( passionate Afropop Artist, Tengen Larisia Enjeck has not forgotten her profession  as she recently got a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing Science in 2021.

Booking details

For booking and support, contact her via this following:





Wrapping up

After listening to Larifina’s five tracks,  I can say she’s a Cameroonian Artist everyone should watch out for in the entertainment sphere.

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