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Top ten best Cameroon Artists in 2021

Top ten best Cameroon Artists in  2021

Picture showing Magasco, Salatiel, Mr Leo and KO-C

Top ten best Cameroon Artists(musicians) in  2021( #1 will shock you)

It’s certain that as a Cameroonian music lover, you have a favorite singer, rapper or even dancer who always remains at the top of your list every week, month, semi-annually and annually  whether or not they do well during the period.

Nevertheless, some musicians always prove tougher than your favorites in terms of love from the General public, consistency, bodies of work, concerts, endorsements deals, impact in the society, streaming numbers and hit songs.

Due to covid 19 pandemic and its devastating effects, many activities are on the standstill due to lockdowns around the world.

The year 2O21 was a critical year for Cameroonian artists and the entertainment industry in general. 

Cameroonian artists took this advantage of being at home to themselves and multiplied their work and kept dropping smashing hit singles, mind blowing EPS and bodies of work that made them gain  a position on our TOP 10 Best Cameroonian Artists(Musicians) of 2021 list.

If a track didn’t make someone give their lives to Christ, dance away their sorry,set clubs on fire, it mended broken hearts, others made couples fall in love.

and like the popular Cameroonian phrase used to express one’s love for music which goes thus:

” When I listen to this song, my hairs dey stand”,

“Na this song make me repent”

 “Na this his song chop my school fees”.

Below are TOP 10 Best Cameroonian Artists(Musicians) of 2021. Camaboom shall be taking into consideration A small social media online survey, hit singles, projects (Albums, EPs), Nominations, Performances, Awards, Impact, Rate of trending, Collaborations, features are an added advantage.

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Also note that the genre of music doesn’t matter a lot in this post.

I can not make this list without defining ‘Best’ So, Best:

‘the highest quality, or being the most suitable, satisfactory, pleasing, or effective type of thing or person.’  

List of top ten  best Cameroon Artists (musicians)  in 2021 include:

  • Elizabeth Tekeh & Prosper Germoh
  • KO-C & Magasco
  • Salatiel
  • Mr Leo
  • Witty Mistrel & Aveiro Djess
  • Locko & Vivid Smith
  • Tzy Panchak
  • Kamani and Vernyuy Tina.

Get an explanation of the list below in reverse order.

10. Kameni and Vernyuy Tina: Their consistency and Uniqueness fits them in this position.



Starting with Kameni aka Boss Lady, She has been dropping back to back hit songs since she started music. In 2020, her trending song entitled Nayo Nayo was remarkable.

In 2021, she dropped her latest street vibe , Bolo in which she encouraged every youth to hustle. Balo touched the hearts of many Cameroonian music lovers as it paints the reality of our time in Cameroon.

Vernyuy Tina

Vernyuy Tina
Vernyuy Tina

Talking about Vernyuy Tina, most Cameroonian music lovers always Welcome all her projects due to her Uniqueness( always including her dialect in her tracks)

She entered 2021 with a track entitled ‘Weh Weh’ and immediately launched a Challenging which went viral  with some of her fans dancing even in the farm.

After a month, she drops a hit single entitled La B.A.D 

Weeks later, she published ‘Silver’ which is her most trending single in 2021.  that’s why she’s here.

9.Tzy Panchak

Tzy Panchak
Tzy Panchak

If it was in terms of Consistency and Collaborations, Tzy would have been number one on top ten best Cameroonian Artists but everything not being equal, he’s here.

Tzy started the year 2021 with collaborations. With many big artists like Stanley Enow (Amen) Cloe Grae, Kamani, Dj Sillas etc.

Even though he lost his dad, he still stood up strang and  dropped his trending soul touching single entitled “Stranger”.

He has equally signed the highest number of Artist under Blue Nation recording. In 2021.

8. locko & Vivid Smith. Number  eight is Bracket.



How he occupy this spot is geared from 2020 with Remarkable Songs like  Même Même Choses, Au Mariage de ma Go

When it boils down to an artist who took the opportunity of the Covid-19 pandemic, immobility and Lock down to entertain his fans, LOCKO comes first. The singer entered in 2020 the hit single Même Même Choses. Followed by his Locked Up Series in which he released weekly from April 19th to May 17. LOCKO showed us his acting skills in the short film “Au Mariage de ma Go” and closed the curtains of 2020 with the official video for “Au Mariage de ma Go”.

He bagged nominations at the Urban Jamz Awards 2020 for Best Male Artiste, Song of the Year with Hein Hein Hein ft Singuila. At the Balafon Music Awards, he took home awards for “Male Voice of the Year, Best Video Clip and Album of the Year. LOCKO is 5th on our list.

Finally in 2021, Locko drops trending.

 Vivid Smith:

Vivid Smith
Vivid Smith

After success in ‘Ngondere’ song in 2020, Vivid has been very versatile in the industry.

He Jets to Dubai in 2021 to compile ‘Yamo’ love song with popular Video Director V2M. Yamo was welcomed by music lovers home and abroad.

A plus to him is his cover on trending Song entitled Jennifer by Nigerian female singer Guchi entitled ‘Jennifer Reply’.



Always on the mind of many Cameroonian music lovers due to her sweet voice, simplicity and consistency, Dipanda secured this spot gearing from 2020 with songs like Quand Tu N’es Pa Là, Coeur en Cage.

Her AFRIMMA 2020 nomination for Best Female Artiste Central Africa and Two nominations for the Urban Jamz Awards for Best Female Artiste and Best Female Voice also is a boost in this list.

In 2021, she published one of the best albums.




He is a Dubai based Cameroonian Song writer, beat maker, singer, mixer, photographer, videographer and ( Everythinger )  V2M Chakaped the trending song entitled Yamo by Vivid Smith.

In 2020, He drops one of the most viewed Covid 19 pandemic song on YouTube.

He started the year 2021 with the hit song ft David Mils which was highly welcomed by fans.

His recent track is ‘Finally’

V2M is here because of his multi talent skills and his Consistency as fast as Music is Concerned.



He’s here because of his Carry forward hit Tchapeu Tchapeu.

From a small neighborhood in the capital city of Cameroon, explodes a youngster singer Happy d’Efoulan who recorded a hit single “Tchapeu Tchapeu” and it was one of the biggest songs in 2020 that cut across the year 2021. Not only did this smashing single earn him a spot in our TOP 10 list, but the singer played a big role in exporting the new “Mbole” genre far and wide. He was nominated at the Balafon Music Awards for “Tune de Fin De L’annee”. Happy had an amazing year and we believe fans will be happy seeing him on the 7th position of this list. He is still enjoying the fruit of his labour.


Witty Minstrel

his hard work since 2020 see him via on this spot.

Nobody actually saw him coming. Witty started the year 2020 with a club banger “Be Proud”. A hit song and anthem from the NSO tribe which he was able to package it to the world. He then followed it up with the official video of the song directed by Dr Nkeng Stephens, the criticisms of the song from fans pushed Witty to do another video which was a remix with some heavyweights like Magasco and Mr Leo. Other Cameroonian star artistes like Kameni, Vernyuy Tina, Awu and Gasha join forces to spice up the already explosive joint.

Witty Minstrel sailed all round the speakers and TV screens with “Be Proud”. He won Best Artiste 2020 at the CAMACA Awards, and at the MUMA2020 he was nominated Best Traditional Artiste.

In 2021, He drops his latest single entitled Yewun which was not trending enough but shows his Consistency, He then releases the hit song One Africa which is making waves home and abroad.

His cultural diversity in all his tracks makes his music unique and hence, gained this spot on top ten best Artist in Cameroon 2021.



Trending home and abroad especially in Ivory Coast, he gained this spot starting from 2020. With Le Nyama song.

Aveiro Djess would not have made it to this list if not for his incredible experiment on the hit song “Le Nyama”. In the first quarter of 2020, a month after the Covid-19 outbreak, Aveiro joined forces with singer Lucky +2 to release Zambé. He only made another statement when he released a tribute song to late Ivorian legend Arafat DJ. Saving the best for the last, the leader of Djess Gang followed up with the release of one of the biggest songs at the last quarter of 2020 “Le Nyama”. Le Nyama was widely played and well received across Africa making it one of the biggest Cameroonian songs of the year 2020.

The success of the song brought in 2 awards, “Tube des fêtes de fin de l’Année at the Balafon Music Awards, and Best Song of the Year at the 2020 MUMA Awards.

In 2021,

4.Mr Leo:

Mr Leo
Referred to as ‘Lion of Africa’ by his fans, Leo doesn’t play when preparing his project. Even though wasn’t much active in 2020, He took 2021 like a storm by dropping a traditional song entitled which makes him featured on big Medias like BBC etc.

The song welcomed by many people makes him secure this position.



Being Loved by many, Salatiel always featured on many occasions for his unique kind of Songs from the word Go.

Alpha Better Records High Man General entered the year 2020 with a continuation of his popular ANITA story which saw Salatiel and Anita getting married. The wave success of his collaboration on Beyoncé The Lion King album sailed from 2019 to 2020 with the release of the official video of “Water” featuring Queen B and Pharrell Williams. The singer/producer then followed it up with the announcement of his debut album Africa Represented using the track “Vamos” featuring Guinean singer Soul Bangs.

The Africa Representative bagged one of Cameroon’s biggest brand ambassador deals with Cameroon’s top brewery brand “Union Camerounaise de Brasseries” (UCB) promoting the company’s quality brands like K44, the Madiba mineral water among others.

Salatiel was nominated at the 2020 Afrimma Award in the category for Best Producer. He also bagged 4 nominations at the Balafon Music Awards for the categories, “Vidéo Clip, Voix Masculin, Chanson de l’Année, Artiste Masculin de l’Année.

At the Muzikol Music Awards, Salatiel bagged 4 nominations for Best Song, Best African Artiste, Best Song Writer and Best Male Artiste winning Best Song Writer.

In 2021, Salatiel dropped one of the biggest albums in Cameroon entitled ‘African Represented’ ; some tracks featured international and National artists like hip hop rapper Pascal.

The album also recorded some impressive numbers of sales and streams.



 His build up to this position began since in 2019

After an explosive 2019, being the first Cameroonian singer to deliver a double album titled “HEART” Magasco opened the year 2020 by dropping the official video of “Calypso” featuring Mihney. The Bboy Records head honcho backed it up with videos to tracks like “ATM, Without Knife. He used the Covid-19 and lock down period to bless fans with the acoustic version of some of the amazing tracks on the album.

He closed the year with the remix of Nyang Nyang with Bikutsi heavyweight Lady Ponce. Magasco also graced Ach4Life rapper MiNk’s single Cam No Go with a superb hook.

The Sokoto crooner also won Best Album at the 2020 Green Light Awards, Best Urban Artiste at the MUMA awards and was decorated with a Medal of Honor by the Ministry of Arts and Culture. He also took part in the #EndAnglophoneCrisis protest in Yaoundé after the Kumba Massacre of October 24, 2020. He stays comfortably at our 10th position.

Finally in 2021, Magasco dropped a bigger Song entitled Give and immediately launched a Challenge that saw some big rappers in Cameroon like Mic Monsta, Show Yoh, Gloe Grae took part in. The trend of Give was like wildfire as almost all upcoming artists also took part in the Challenge.

2. KO-C.


 In was no doubt that KC was the best Artist in 2020 With trending songs loke: Mon Pala Pala, Caleçon, Ghana Must Go before entering 2021

The Power House Entertainment head honcho entered the year 2020 with an acoustic version of his hit song “Bollo C’est Bollo“ a résumé of his life, career and success at Big Dreams Entertainment and the beginning of a new era as an indie artiste. He later followed it up with his first smashing hit single at the first quarter of 2020 “Mon Pala Pala”.

The Serial Hit maker bagged a multi million francs endorsement deal with Financial Services Company “Express Union”. Followed by his experimentation with “President du Rapublique, an alphabetical rap song he pulled off smoothly.

At some point in 2020, Ko-c was already proving himself to be the hottest artist of 2020 when he released the collaboration “Ghana Must Go” with fellow artistes Cleo Grae, KIKOH, Kking Kum and Banye. He then followed it up with the biggest hit of his career so far “Caleçon” featuring Bikutsi heavyweight “Coco Argentée. The song is one of the hottest Cameroonian tunes on tiktok pulling heavy numbers on YouTube as well.

In terms of rewards and awards, Ko-c bagged 2 nominations at the Balafon Music Award for Best Video Clip and Male Artiste of the Year, walking him with the latter. With maybe an album or EP coming out from the Power House Entertainment 2021, KO C still Enjoying the fruits of 

2021, drops his latest song in the middle of the year. Entitled Chill Produced by Chinjong Chinjong why is making waves home and abroad.

1. a. Elizabeth Tekeh:

Elizabeth Tekeh
Elizabeth Tekeh

Elizabeth tops this list because of many reasons, some explained below.

She’s one of the most renowned Gospel  single in Cameroon who gain love from fans and Cameroonians after dropping her song entitled” Change my Story”


The song is played in Cameroon and Abroad on many occasions like in transport vehicles during traveling.

Her latest album entitled Record of Life has been welcomed with love by her fans and Cameroonians with Little or no critics.

She later on released Record of Life, a track from her album on YouTube which got more than 20k views after 3days.

That’s why she’s number one on the top ten best Artists in Cameroon 2021.

1.b. Prosper Germoh

Prosper Germoh
Prosper Germoh

Prosper Germoh, a Cameroon Gospel Musician is an embodiment of Passion, talent, skill and professionalism known for Christian Rock serve with the LoveWorld EWCAZ4 CEDLA Cameroon. 

He was the winner of ‘Super Gospel Award (2018)’ and obtained a nomination at the GIA TV Gospel Awards (2019) . He is currently studying for a Bachelors in Music in one of the Renowned music schools In the United States but that’s not all.

The Doula based Cameroonian gospel artist, Prosper Germoh got a nomination at the 7th Edition of African Entertainment Awards, USA – AEAUSA as Best African Gospel Artist of the year 2021.

He was also nominated alongside other top African Gospel umusicians like; Sinach, Ada Ehi, Benjamin Dube, Joe Mettle, Deborah Lukalu, Nathaniel Bassey, Mercy Chinwo, Tim Godfrey to be held at New Jersey USA this December. 

Note:This is the first time Prosper Germoh is nominated for this award just 3 months after the release of His Hit track; “Oui Tu Règnes” ‘ Directed by Charlie Gold in Abuja Nigeria.

How To vote for Germoh

  • Just follow this link:

  • Then  scroll down to 23rd category

  • You’ll see Best Gospel Artist

  • His name, Prosper Germoh  is first on the list

  • Click on it

  • Then Scroll down to fill your information(Your name, email, choose country) and click on vote

Wrapping up

Since in our primary school days, when it’s time to read exams, one usually hears like ‘number one, bracket’ meaning two people occupy that spot. So, Artists taking the same spot shouldn’t be a big issue.

It’s going to be difficult to come up with a list of top ten best Artists in Cameroon since they are already more than top ten best nowadays and Many are still popping up.

I am going to list some special artists for you to watch out for.




Blanche Bailey

Rich Khasino

Chanceline Deyaso

Emino miles


Martin Newsongs

Pele King

Remember I am talking about 2021, What’s your view about the list?

Article updated on the 13/11/2021