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If you are entertainment blogger in Cameroon, read this first

If you are entertainment blogger in Cameroon, read this first

If you are entertainment blogger in Cameroon, read this first

If you are entertainment blogger in Cameroon, read this first

Cameroon entertainment sphere content creators, I congratulate you all.

They’re about 10000 entertainment Bloggers in Cameroon ranging from upcoming to established ones doing a great job especially on social media. 

They use their data, advert skils, time  and writing skills to promote arts.

Some do it for fun, some for fame, some to make money and some to  test their Blogging skils.

Some to promote their friends, some their family members some their village people, some go enternational.

Some creating fake impression, some causing fans to fight online war some criticizing Artists here and there.

They’re two key things I want to to mention here,

that’s: how you and I can do it more better and how you can recovery your data, time and skils ( make money Blogging) without charging Artists or comedians. These falls under the points I have identified below.

I have identified some two key challenges they face.

  1. Cameroonian bloggers are passionate writters but Artists don’t pay them, if they do, it’s just few. 

  1.  Most of them do Blogging/promote only on social media especially Facebook.

Even though one can make money on Facebook in Cameroon, it’s a bit tough, limited and complicated.

So if I bring out these problems without giving proposed solutions then I’m just making noise here. Get my solutions


Create a website: A Blogger with a website has the opportunity to make money on their site in many ways like AdSense and affiliates even if artists pay them or not. 

Since I know Most of those Bloggers equally face Financial problems in sitting up a professional website, I am open to anyone who needs a site. Cheap, I repeat very cheap because I know the challenges.

Don’t ask me how much, I only want to first know if you are willing.

Write on websites and share to social media: Real life example:

 If you search for a popular Artist from other countries like Nigeria and Ghana, you will find more information about them from thousands of websites. If you do the same for a Cameroonian artist, you will find just about 10 websites talking about them, some you will not even get any information about them.

This doesn’t mean Bloggers are not working well, they’re doing it  on social media which is a bit limited.

Publishing on website expose Artist worldwide and you can easily monitize your content. This will solve the problem of saying Artist should pay before you promote them.


I wanted to make a short post on Facebook about this but as many ideas kept coming, I decided to make it long and publish as an article on this site since it’s focus on how enternmaint Bloggers can recovery their data( make money Blogging) and how they can blog more better.

I mentioned somewhere in this article that if you need a professional cheap website, Contact us.  You most not pay financially, you can work with us for a period of time then we create yours and mentor you till you earn your first dollar without charging Artists.

Artists your own article is coming soon